The Dream named ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ – By Maliny Mohan


Who is Maliny Mohan?

Born and brought up in Kerala, I am currently pursuing higher studies in ENT Surgery.  A writer at heart, I have contributed stories to multiple anthologies and online platforms. My story ‘ The Final Arc’ was narrated at an event organised in Mumbai by the ‘Tamarind Rice’ magazine. I also have a blog titled ‘Chasing Passions’, where I have been blogging for the past eight years. The blog features my stories, poems, personal opinions and musings.

Blogging made me acquaint with people who share similar passion, who encouraged each other, left meaningful opinions and words about my writing, helping me chisel my writing skills.

Managing  day job with my passion ,

I don’t have an allotted time for writing. I write whenever I feel like, when the muse hits me. As I am currently undergoing my higher studies, I find that I could manage both without much difficulty, although not entirely at ease. Problems are bound to arise when I would be working on my thesis, but during such times, I usually keep writing on hold for a few days or weeks and start writing again when I feel that I can concentrate completely on what I want to write. When I used to work after my graduation, I used to write mostly in the evenings. I never stay late into the night, so I make it a point that I finish my story before 11 p.m. Also, I have a habit of writing an entire story in one sitting. I tend to lose my flow if I pause in between for a chore and resume writing the next day or after hours.

My writing process & how do I deal with Writer’s block.

My writing process has five stages.

1. Ideation

2. Processing/ Research

3. Plotting

4. Execution

5. Editing.

The titles would explain what is supposed to happen in each stage.

“When hit by writer’s block, I usually take a rest and indulge in something I love, other than writing”.

A good book, soulful music with evocative lyrics, the hues of nature, incidents happening in and around my life – they all act as inspirations for me and I make use of them to regain my continuity. But mostly, once I start writing, I rarely halt, for that itself would further act to accentuate the gap. I do halt after a story and begin the next one the next day, and if I face writer’s block then, I would resort to the aforesaid inspirations.

Advice to aspiring writers, 

My advice to aspiring writers would be to read and write every single day of your lives.

“If you cannot find time to write, at least read. Read for at least ten minutes of your day”

Every book I have read has touched me and has shaped the writer in me.

Reading makes me want to write more and write better each day.

Reading taught me life, it taught me to deal with life.

If today I write seamlessly, with words tumbling out of my mind like a gusher, I have my long years of reading habit to thank for.

If you are an aspiring author, who already has a manuscript ready, I would urge you to edit and re-edit it until you are absolutely happy and satisfied with the work. If possible, send out the manuscript to a good professional editing service. Then and then only, pitch your synopsis and sample chapters to publishers. Leaving half baked goods at the steps of traditional publishers will definitely mar your chances of being selected by them.

My favourite authors, 

The authors who I have read multiple times and loved would be Jhumpa Lahiri, Alice Munro, Amit Chaudhari, Haruki Murakami, Ian Mcewan, Anne Enright, Franz Kafka, Stephen King. There are a lot of other authors too, of whose, I have read a single book alone. They all have acted as mentors for me in one way or the other. They include Steve Toltz, Rabindranath Tagore, Julian Barnes, Edgar Allan Poe, O.Henry.

I am winding up this post with a short request to the readers to pick up a copy of TICOL, if you like its concept and theme.


The book is titled ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’. There are 14 stories in this book, which are fictitious, yet as close to life as possible. The stories are varied; delving mostly into the vagaries of life and the many tricky circumstances that life throws at us unexpectedly. I believe that a suspense element elevates the beauty of a short story. Hence, I have tried to bring in a sharp twist at the end of most of the stories, whereas the rest of the stories have a smooth ending. There are happy stories, there are sad stories, there are stories that deal with social issues, there are stories dealing with relationships. I would classify my book as General Fiction, as the book doesn’t cater to a particular audience nor does it belong to a particular genre.


Why do I think, the readers will like this book ? 

I believe the readers would love this book, because the stories are heart-warming, they are relatable and would evoke nostalgia. I have always written stories that touch upon human lives. Whether it is on my blog or on social media platforms, the readers have appreciated me for writing stories that have soul of their own. Even when writing love stories, I focus on dealing with the harsh realities of relationship and not the mushy, gleaming facet of it. Yes, indeed that too is a part of our lives, but then, I rarely enjoy reading or writing plain, sugary romance. Most of my readers have applauded me for that and I believe, the stories from TICOL too would be accepted with similar intensity.


I would love to know what you think of the book!

About the author : Maliny Mohan is a doctor, who holds a post graduate degree in ENT surgery. She has contributed to three short story anthologies and various online writing platforms. Apart from being passionate about writing, she is also an avid blogger, a bibliophile and the guardian of five cats.

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