The dreadful Writer’s block!

Year: 2010

Month: July
Date: 02
My 365 days ‘Writing project’ sees my Day 70 starting with this -“The writer’s block is so much dawning on me nowadays!
I was frustrated! I was restless! I was acting crazy and irritated! The Writer’s block syndrome had hit me hard. Partly because I was losing on my project (which was to write something creative and meaningful at the end of each day, and not just write) and partly because my words which I thought were my soul, my air for breathing, my everything were leaving me and there I was on this day standing empty-handed and penning on Writer’s block.
It was utterly unacceptable especially when words are all you symbolize. When little words put together in lines form little poetry, it gives me enormous amount of joy. I started writing at the age of 13 when I was in seventh grade. It happened all of a sudden. One day poetry dawned on me and then there was no looking back. My teachers and friends encouraged me towards this newly found way of expression. My poems and articles featured in annual school magazines, I saw myself scripting editorials and plays for school newsletters and shows. My work also began to show up in a leading English daily. It was fun, satisfying and my personal vent out. So, Writer’s block, Uhh…unimaginable!
The world often is found declaring, ‘there is always a first time’. I was no exception and was not alone facing this block. It was painful. When your baby leaves her fingers, ask a mother who feels the soul departing from her body. This was what writing to me and, this was the excruciating sensation through out my heart and mind. But, the mother fights hard! So did I. Day 71, I wrote about one of my favorite poems. I connected it to events and incidents in my then life, and wrote a write-up. The poetic lyrics and meter had eluded me, but nobody stopped me to read my favorite poets. I started there, and it was a good enough start.
Writer’s block can be turned around. There is a silver lining in every cloud. This phase of my life as a poet/writer saw me reading lot of literature in form of different poets, plays, prose, novels and even news articles. If I could not write or write meaningful to be precise, I made it a point to not let go a single day without reading something worthwhile. I read and read, I imagined, I painted word-pictures, enjoyed the unusual metaphors, lived within myself the great poetic compositions of different times, and last but not the least, every time I read something I made sure I had a blank paper and pen with me.
I scribbled, I made frowns and smileys, I wrote poems that till date stay incomplete yet preserved in my folder, I noted down words that struck and shook me. I made a start because it is important. I realized and understood first-hand that a journey of thousand miles start with the first step.
Never give up! It is apparent that you are a true writer (one who writes to express) because Writer’s block does not trouble the one who writes for vanity. A person, whose soul reflects in his words, often finds himself begging his entire being to overcome this block. So, my wonderful readers take my point (it’s worth it because I have been there awfully!) and knot it down in your soul-  It happens to every one of us. You are not alone neither the only one. Give yourself some time; do not be harsh or judgmental about your capabilities.Never give up. If you can’t write, you still haven’t gone illiterate. You can definitely read.Do not forget to start! Scribble, save this treasure because once you are on the track, you will be happy to dwell that you struggled, and you emerged a word- winner.
Happy Writing!        

—- By Shaifali Gupta
Poetry is like breathing to her. She is currently engaged in working with non-profit organizations in California for Social Media, Digital Marketing and Content creation.  

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