The Diary on the Fifth Floor Is a Perfect Contemporary Novel

What the book holds for us

You are aware of the title ‘The Diary on the Fifth Floor.’ What is so intriguing about this diary? And what about that fifth floor? Is there a connection between fifth floor and a dairy? And where exactly is this fifth floor?
Savannah Khanna is on her way to hospital to meet Dr. Berry on fifth floor. She is there to meet the psychiatrist. Savannah reluctantly hands over her diary to the doctor at the end of her first session. And less she knows that doctor is going to unlock Savannah other side of the life. Is Savannah alright? Is she going to be alright? Will doctor help her to heal? What brought Savannah to the doctor in first place?
Well then, start to climb the stairs or press the elevator button to fifth floor to explore all about Savannah and her diary entries.

My take on the story

When I signed up for this book review I totally thought that this is a thriller, definitely a psychological thriller. The blurb too gave me the similar sense to prove me right. But when I completed the book I completely ignored the fact that I am reading a fictional novel. Because it was my story and yes it is your story. Of course it should be everyone’s story.  The diary has entries which comprises of small incidents and stories which happened in and around Savannah life.
The memories and thoughts which we often push aside, which we keep ourselves, which we decide not to speak is moulded as a story in this book. Author penned her story without fencing her conscience. A chance to speak with our heart to know who we are, what we are and what we have become.

Ups and Downs

A brilliant narration with many emotional and beautiful poems in between to get the impact of the diary pages.  Nowadays we see many are mentally stressed out but the sad fact is that the stress is not happening in one’s life. In today’s world we are vulnerable and easily get absorbed by the external factors. That’s what this book tries to incur us.
The path of narration which author penned to deliver her thought was intelligent. A negative approach throughout the diary entries which will leave positive tracks to follow on.

I wish if author had revealed more about Savannah through doctor visits of where and how she came across these happenings. I mean Savannah was just a name and nothing more was said about her.  Is it the author brilliance of using Savannah a mere name?  Well I liked, if it is so.
The language was simple yet engaging. The book is not sugar coated version of the society but the practical version.  The end surprised me, didn’t see that coming. The author didn’t let me heal in the end. She left the healing part in reader’s hands.
The book took off from a thriller runway but landed perfectly on a contemporary terrain.

Overall ‘The Diary On The Fifth Floor’ reveals the dark side of the humanity, sentiments and emotions. What we see is not actually we deal with. Speak with yourself when you complete this book is all I could say.

Author(s): Raisha Lalwani
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: October 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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