The Curated Closet Can Help You Build Your Style

Have you been trying all seasonal trends for years and years and still not able to figure out your dressing style?

If this is your dilemma, The Curated Closet can be a book to help. It is penned by a Berlin-based blogger Anuschka  Rees. In this book, she focuses on developing a personal style. Her minimal ethos and background in social psychology inspire her unique, life-changing approach to shopping and style. The Curated Closet is her first book. She also blogs actively here

This is a very well written book where she takes you on an exciting journey which helps you to build a closet that’s flawlessly tailored to your personal style and your life. Every chapter of the book has some relevant advice that you can follow to make your closet better.

The first part of the book familiarizes you with the concept of the curated closet. A curated closet is the one which is not based on trends and styles typologies. It’s a wardrobe which may be small in size but contains everything that you might need to get dressed impressively.

The second part of the book helps you know what precisely your style is post summarising your likings, your influences, your lifestyle and your comfort. There are many tables, charts and exercises to help you know what is that you would relish wearing as per your personality.

The third part of the book helps you do a lot of practical work from detoxing your wardrobe. You will be trying different colours, different styles, different outfit formulas for work, for home, for leisure and for celebrations. She explains why your closet is less about hoarding more and more clothes but more about how well and smartly you pair your pieces. You take a lot of notes and do exercises throughout.

In the fourth and the final part of the book, she describes how not to let yourself get trapped in the world of sales, discounts and how to not get overwhelmed by impulse shopping. This part of the book is more focused on how to turn into a smart shopper. She explains different types of synthetic and natural fabrics contemporarily used in making clothes. How to assess a garment’s quality based on its fabric and stitching patterns. How to find out which clothes would fit your body type. It also gives a good guideline on alterations.

Building your style will take efforts and time. But this book can be a very good help to guide you through the process. This book has changed my life forever. Now, I don’t spend my weekends aimlessly looking for clothes. I know my choices better and have a better understanding of my own style. I no more run to buy every trend. I look for classic and quality pieces which can stay in my closet for a long time. Acquiring all this knowledge, I am in the process of building my own curated closet.

A highly recommended book.

Author(s): Anuschka Rees
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Release: 2016
Genre: Non Fiction/Fashion
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