The Boy Who Never Became a Man — By Arvind Passey

Is he a boy? Is he a man? Well, you have to read the story of ‘Dork and Spock’ to know what they’re up to. 
Here’s an excerpt from the story: 

You are now twenty

A brave grown-up man

Why bother about others
Your mother is your fan
Yes, my mother sings to me often and she always does it in rhymes. So I have started liking rhymes. I can even write a few. But I know they are no good though my mother says they are wonderful and writes them in a file on her laptop. I am not allowed to use her laptop though. I find this rather strange. So what if I have learning problems and have never stayed for long in any school? I know I can understand a lot. I see things. I think. Or at least I think that I think. And I write poetry. No, they are rhymes. I don’t think what I write can be called poetry. Do you think this is poetry?
He ran away after ringing the bell
And I said: O hell!
I can see you smiling. I knew you will smile. I knew in my heart that you would not have the heart to say that my rhymes were not poetry.
About the author:Arvind Passey – Ace blogger with weekly column in The Education Post. He also writes for The Huffington Post, Business Insider, MarketingBuzzar, AwazAapKi, Bluzog etc.
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