The Alpha Yeti Is A Great Adventure-Packed Novel

“He was her Sun and she the rainbow.” – SUM, The Alpha Yeti

Quite recently, I came across a book by someone named SUM (well, I know that’s a pen name and a darn good one at that). The book was The Alpha Yeti and it was one of the best adventure-packed novels I’ve read in quite some time. We’re all aware about the yetis – the great white mythical monsters who resides in the snowy mountains. But what is it about this particular yeti that makes the author pen down a whole book on him? What is it about this White Mountain that the author talks of? What does the Yeti do, why does he do whatever he does and how on earth does this affect the people who live near the White Mountain? These and so much more questions were answered when I finished reading the book about the one and only Alpha Yeti.

When I started reading the book, I noticed that every chapter in it held something new for me. The writing style of the author was great and simplistic. Each chapter had a story of its own, yet all of them blended perfectly together to form a nice 200+ pages book called The Alpha Yeti.

Throughout the course of the book, the author used an omniscient authorial voice, letting us know of the ins and outs of each character’s thoughts and what prompted him or her to do whatever he or she did. It was a really nice touch to the story (especially because we don’t see such voices much these days) and helped a great deal in making the book a blast.

While reading the book, I also noticed how the images in the book were really (I mean, really!) descriptive. I mean, they were so cool and beautiful and explicitly explained that it was hard not falling in love with SUM’s writing.

The narration, like I said, was authorial but it was too addictive. So much that I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting! And while I’m talking about sittings, let me give you an advice. You don’t want to read this book when you’re sitting in a room alone and have the chance of hearing eerie voices from out of the window. And, you definitely don’t want to be reading this book in the middle of the night. Believe me, I say that from experience.

I loved how the author used the myth of the yetis in writing his debut novel. It was a really beautiful take on the myth of the yetis and the bigfoots (or bigfeet, in plural?) and so vastly different from the stories of dragons and all the other popular mythical creatures. A perfect mixture of adventure, horror, myth and fantasy, The Alpha Yeti is a book that will capture your mind at the deepest levels of your consciousness and you might find yourself dreaming of the great Grey Yeti even after you’re done with the book.

The only sad thing about the book, at least according to me, was that it was a little slow for the first hundred pages. I’m not saying that it wasn’t great. Believe me, it was. The explicit images were not only scary and horror filled, but some were also pretty emotional. I felt deeply for the white yetis at many times and it sucked to see them being killed just so a handful of humans could perish. We really connected for a few instances, you know The yetis and me. But it’s just that a lot more could have happened and wasn’t happening earlier. There were a few instances where I also noticed teeny-tiny bits of grammatical errors. Not much, just a little bit of them that probably went unnoticed by the author.

There was just this one other thing that bothered me while reading the book. The government didn’t help the people. Their crops are often ruined. How on earth were the members of the village so healthy then? And how on earth did they sustain themselves?

And yet, my final verdict says that despite the few typos there are and this little loophole there is in the story, I found the book quite delicious. The cover and blurb were the first things that attracted me but darn, everything else about this book was amazing too! So really, just go ahead and pick up this book if you’re really into myths – I know I am, and it’s amazing for me that way!

Author(s): SUM
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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