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7 Reasons You May Not Succeed As a Writer

7 Reasons You May Not Succeed As a Writer

You love writing. You dream to be a published writer. You dream of seeing your name in reputed newspapers and magazines. Or to become a best-selling author, expecting a handsome cash flow in your account. You work hard but get only rejections. You get depressed and start thinking that you can’t

Maintaining a Writing Journal

I have always maintained a journal to jot down my scribbles. I remember my very first journal—a bound LIC diary in green colour—given to me by my mother. I can recollect her words then, 'Put all your writings in one place or they might get lost.' That diary became my

5 Life Hacks For Aspiring Writers

Three novels and over two hundred articles later, author Shweta Taneja pens down 5 life hacks for aspiring writers.  Why do you want to write? If you want to be a writer, the first thing that you need, which is I think a very individualistic thing, is the desire to write,

The Elements of Style – By William Strunk

English is a very funny language! Writing is an immense hard work and it's a myth that it's a cakewalk. I used to consider myself as a 'born writer' and blessed with continuous flashes of creativity. When I started writing for work, I used to give myself a pat on my