5 Prompts To Get You Writing This Monsoon

Here we have five prompts to keep you writing this monsoon! Monsoon is arguably, a writer’s favourite season. The sound of the rain tapping against the windows, petrichor in the air, cold, grey skies: a perfect day to stay bundled up under the covers. Grab your laptop and a steaming

Writing Prompt: I Love My Work


'Love what you do, even if you're not doing what you love.' Do you love your work? Sadly, there aren't many among us who love what they do. Or even realise what they really want to do. But the key is to love what you're doing at present. It will make your

Kolkata — By Soumya Mukherjee

If you are visiting Kolkata for the first time, you are probably coming by train, as I did, and arriving at Howrah station. The sight that greets you is a teeming multitude, reminiscent of a Mrinal Sen film, and it overwhelms you. Now you encounter the serpentine queue for the taxi,