I Let the Story Flow Unhindered in my First Drafts – D S Pais

D S Pais, a veteran of 9 books, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, is now out with their latest romance novel called Matters of the Heart. In this brief but informative interview with Writers Melon, D S Pais talks about the writing process, the bibliography, and about handling work and

Four Questions Before Self-Publishing Your Book

Four Questions to Ponder About Before Self-Publishing Your Book Are you self-publishing your book? Are you sure this is not vanity publishing? Self-publishing is not vanity publishing. Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain and William Blake had self-published their books. Self-publishing has been around for decades and is a stepping stone to get

A Guide To Self Publishing

Guide To Self Publishing by Sheetal So you’re ready with your award-winning manuscript and all set for publishing? What if the manuscript get rejected? What if the rates of publishing are too high? What if your book fails to flourish in market? I know we writers at one point are all apprehensive about publishing