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Unns : The Captivation – By Sapan Saxena


Much has been said and written about love, the most profound of emotions known to God’s creations. I believe French Novelist and Memoirist, George Sand, wrote it best - "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved".   While love may provide an all-encompassing feeling, its quest

#UpForReview : Unns by Sapan

We have 10 copies up for review, apply here for a copy. We will send you this book for free in exchange for an honest review.* Unns - The Captivation by Sapan is a tale of love and romance intertwined with what destiny has in store for them.   Pick up a copy to review

A Walk In The Rain – By Udai Yadla

Many moments could inflict pain upon you. The worst form of pain is perhaps when you see your loved ones suffer. Saloni sees her mother suffer. Her life used to be beautiful. A man named Hari made an offer. His offer was to take care of her mother. In return,