Paradise At War Is An Excellent Documentation On Kashmir

Dr. Radha Kumar, the author of this book on the political history of Kashmir, mentioned: “Any discussion on Kashmir has to begin with history, however mythologized some of it may be.” So, the book starts with the analysis of the book “Nilamata Purana”, an ancient text from Kashmir which contains

Durand’s Curse – By Rajiv Dogra

Time testifies to the fact that arbitrarily drawn lines, can wreak havoc with long lasting effects. Writer, commentator, artist and former foreign service officer Rajiv Dogra beautifully and perfectly encapsulates this reality in his book Durand’s Curse. My knowledge of Afghan History was limited to the Anglo-Afghan wars, but this book was

The Less Travelled Street: A Review of Jaffna Street by Mir Khalid

Jaffna Street is a realistic portrayal of the Kashmir Valley. This book does not offer the usual tantalizing political background scores to ease out any or all culture shocks one may receive while analyzing the situation in the valley. Jaffna Street does not offer the reader any suspension system to handle