Paradise At War Is An Excellent Documentation On Kashmir

Dr. Radha Kumar, the author of this book on the political history of Kashmir, mentioned: “Any discussion on Kashmir has to begin with history, however mythologized some of it may be.” So, the book starts with the analysis of the book “Nilamata Purana”, an ancient text from Kashmir which contains

The Watchmaker And Time Is A Beautiful Book

“Time is like a big airplane, and we all are sitting in it. You can’t see it. But it is taking us all ahead from past to the future.” What can I say about this tiny little book called The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia? But first things first, it

Military History of India Is A Learning Experience

In 1999 during India’s Kargil War with Pakistan, I was a teenage boy. My blood boiled and with each breath, I whispered an old patriotic song. Vengeance was in the air, so was love for a land that I call my motherland. Years went by. Time took away what used