Travails With The Alien is Phenomenal and Controversial

Coincidentally, my first tryst with Science Fiction and the idea of an alien began with Satyajit Ray. His short stories and novellas featuring the eccentric scientist Professor Shonku introduced me to the world of SF. I began devouring books of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, faltering at times to pick

Immortalizing Parents in a Book – Ajay and Sushma Saxena

Photo Ajay & Sushma

Cooking is an art that when harnessed in the right manner, can result in an inheritance that will sustain generations. This is the case with Major General Ajay Saxena and his wife, Sushma Saxena. General Saxena’s parents, Arjun and Mandvi Saxena left behind a veritable treasure trove of cooking recipes