Two Leaves And A Bud Is Incredible

Life is mysterious! And Nature is the biggest scientist! One split second the world can turn upside down. Just like fate that canchange in split second. One moment ago you might have lost everything and the next minute it might get changes and you might have everything that you ever wished

I Write for the Passion of Writing – M A Chacko

Goa-based Keralite author M A Chacko, a teacher based in Goa, retired as Principal after over three decades of service. Post-retirement, Mr. Chacko has now fully turned to writing, pursuing a passion that he has always nurtured. In this interview with Writers Melon, M A Chacko takes us into his

#UpForReview : Two Leaves And A Bud

What does 'Two Leaves And A Bud' remind you of? Surely, the lush tea gardens and fragrant steaming cuppa. But in this book, M A Chacko brings forth a different flavour from Kerala - stories about the handful Syrian Christian community. Pick up this one for rare and beautiful stories. We