I Believe Everyone Has a Story – Yashank Srivastava

A Dreadful Beginning – The Past Reveals It All is a story based on the 1993 Bombay blasts. Author Yashank Srivastava, who is a young ‘un pursuing his B. Tech in Footwear Technology, talks to us about his book and about his motivation behind writing this book. Who is Yashank Srivastava?

The Farewell — By Komal Thami

What happened to the love birds? Read in this poignant poem by Komal Thami for #RomanticRendezvous for Unreturned Love.  Someone asked me, What was love back then? And I replied, He was the needle, and I was the thread. He stitched every parts of me with subtle care, The more he stitched, the more I was

Seasonal Love — By Amreen Shaikh

Seasons. Love. Rainbow. Sunshine. But do they end up being together? Amreen Shaikh writes a wonderful poem on Unreturned Love for #RomanticRendezvous.  It's not that I don’t like seasons but, I hate the way they change their course reminding me of you and your love   I still remember how you came into my life just like the