Stephen King – The Undisputed King of Horror Fiction

American author Stephen King is undoubtedly a pioneer in penning horror fiction. His novels are famous for inducing sheer terror and making you sweat profusely. In addition to contemporary horror and supernatural fiction, he has also written in genres like fantasy, science fiction, and suspense. Not straying far from his

Wreath and Other Stories – By Sangeeta Mahapatra

Wreath and Other Stories by Sangeeta Mahapatra is a collection of horror and suspense stories that piqued my interest the moment I laid eyes on it. Excited to be scared by words strung into sentences, I picked it up and I must say I was not disappointed.Here's a detailed analysis

The Devil’s Prayer — By Luke Gracias

"History is written by the victors". -  Winston ChurchillWhen we think of historical fiction, we invariably think about Dan Brown and the Indian Dan Brown - Ashwin Sanghi. These books generate a lot of curiosity mainly because of the hard hitting historical facts & the grilling research that these fabulous authors