#UpForReview: A Home For Urvashi

Death separates Dulari from her beloved twin sister, Ujjwala. Forlorn, her spirit remains on Earth as a powerless but constant companion to Ujjwala. A Home for Urvashi depicts the bond of sisterhood that goes beyond life and death.The apsara Urvashi had the power to control other beings. Dulari, as a human,

Hell! No Saints in Paradise – By A.K Asif

“To fall in hell, or soar angelic, you’ll need a pinch of psychedelic.” - Humphrey F. Osmond, English PsychiatristA.K Asif’s debut novel Hell! No Saints in Paradise, fully justifies the above quote by the famous English Psychiatrist and inventor of the term, ‘psychedelic.’ Before I share my thoughts on the