Two Leaves And A Bud Is Incredible

Life is mysterious! And Nature is the biggest scientist! One split second the world can turn upside down. Just like fate that canchange in split second. One moment ago you might have lost everything and the next minute it might get changes and you might have everything that you ever wished

JRR Tolkien – Father of Modern Fantasy

John Ronald Reuel (JRR) Tolkien. An unforgettable name that’s made its mark in the history of literature. A name that is associated with wonderful classics like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Books that are being taught in school even today. His tales of legend and lore

Ashok and The Nine Unknown Is A Unique Thriller

About the book Emperor Ashok created a secret society comprising nine chosen members, who were known as the ‘Nine Unknown’, to help preserve knowledge that, in the wrong hands, could be used to destroy humanity.Little did Ashok know that the safekeeping of such knowledge had a high price to it; that shadows

#UpForReview : Killing Time in Delhi

Who doesn't want to read about Delhi's ultra-rich, the Lutyens' lot! Ravi Shankar Etteth brings a unique scenario forth after his previous book, a historical fiction. We have 20 copies of this book up for review, apply here for a copy. We will send you this book for free in exchange of