Contest: #SnipersEye

Mainak Dhar is an author that fans of thriller and suspense will absolutely love. With his latest release Sniper’s Eye hitting the intended target, we thought that why not share more of this love with our Twitterverse? We're coming to our Twitter with a contest. With four prompts in four hours,

Contest: #TheFriend

Are you prepared to show some love and acknowledgement to a friend you would trust with your life? In honour of Teresa Driscoll’s new book, The Friend, we’re coming up with a contest in which you stand to win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs. 500 each. Follow these rules: Terms & Conditions: Follow @writersmelon and

Contest: #Chanakya

If you’ve read Ashok K. Banker’s Chanakya, then come join us for a unique contest that we’re holding from tomorrow onwards. Review the book in a video on Facebook or Instagram – it could be live or recorded, but the more dramatic and well-edited it is, the better the chances you

Contest: #Rakshasas

For fans of mythology, we have an exciting Twitter chat coming up with Rajiv G. Menon, author of Rakshasas: The Shadow Warriors, the second in the Vedic trilogy, a book that is garnering rave reviews from the book blogging community. Brush up on your mythology, and come talk with, share your thoughts, and ask all your