I am Big. So What? — By Shuchi Singh Kalra

Shuchi Singh Kalra starts off I am Big. So What? with a bang. The book is her spunky answer to body -shamers. There are quotes and then there are easily put sentences that you just cannot stop marvelling the truth about.“It’s funny how every mundane thing has a story to tell.”The

False Ceilings — By Amit Sharma

It's summer already and you need some super juicy books to keep it cool. How about a family saga that traverses through generations and cities with a secret?'It is a story of a secret which lives on, in-spite it’s keepers being mere mortals. It is a story of the past,

Life Mantras — By Subrata Roy Sahara

There are times when we need to go through our life events till date and decide the good, bad and ugly. It's not always that you reside in a world of literary fantasy, it's books like these that bring you back to reality.Why read this book?"After having gone through the