Writing is my second nature, says author Swarupa Chavan


Who is Swarupa Chavan?

Swarupa is an introvert who has found her expressions through writing. A writer and a poet by heart, I enjoy anchoring my thoughts through my ink. I am a travel freak and if I had my way I would always be on the move exploring the world. Having said this I land up making a lot of friends with everyone I reach out to in every phase of my life. I discover a new facet of myself in every book I write, expressing a little of myself in every protagonist of my novel. People who know me closely have often reverted to me after reading my books that they could see a reflection of me in Malini, Ananya and Tia who are the main protagonists of my novels. I take this as a huge compliment as I believe the writers truly pour themselves in their projects. Their creations are like their babies and they get a sense of pride when the readers find the characters resonating with real life.

Why do you write?

Writing is my second nature. I completely love the process of reaching within me and expressing myself. I write because I believe I have discovered the true purpose of my life.

About the book

As the name suggests, THE PREDICTION is based on the theme of the power of Precognition. The protagonist of the story, Tia, is born with this unique power of predicting the future. But her prophecies of the impending calamities were always derided. It made her loved ones estrange from her leaving her derelict and forlorn. She grew up feeling deprived for affection and love, making her go deeper into a shell and rely on her instincts for connecting with the outer world. Her power of the sixth sense grew with time making her an object of ridicule by her father who thinks of her as an evil spirit. It is a story of how Tia struggles to gain affection of her father and brother and how she deals with her powers which she finds to be curse instead of a boon and how she has to face tragedies.

Why do you think readers will love the book?

Tia’s character is hugely loved by the readers as she steals their heart with her innocence. Especially the unexpected climax of the story is greatly loved by the readers. Many of them have even responded that they found the book to be fast-paced and intriguing just like a Bollywood movie where they could visualize the scenes getting enacted in front of their eyes while reading.

Do you follow a writing schedule?

To be honest, I do not find the kind of time I would love to dedicate to my passion. My job keeps me busy and there is a gap of months where I do not touch my pen. But once a writer always a writer! So, I manage to scribble a few short poems here and there or a short story over a weekend.

Tell us a little more about your works

Readers who follow me know the books I have written and published so far. My journey as a writer has been wonderful. I have published three novels so far and have also published short stories and poetries in Anthologies – THE UNSAID WORDS in FUSION, I WANDER LIKE A LOST SPIRIT in Po’try – a Bengaluru Poetry festival, JUST ONE MORE TIME in WHISPERS OF LOVE 2. My poem RAIN DANCE was also nominated for BEST POEM OF THE YEAR last year.

My first two novels TO ERR IS HUMAN and A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER are based on the genre of Rom-Com. Who would not enjoy a good laugh? I believe it is a difficult task to make a person laugh. And when my novels make the readers laugh and relax I feel I have managed to achieve what I had set out to do while writing those novels. The beautiful blend of soft romance in the back drop of humour has been well appreciated by the readers. In fact many of the readers have responded to me that they found the story lines having a potential to be converted into a movie.

You can connect with Swarupa on her page.

Author(s): Swarupa Chavan
Publisher: Omji Publishing
Release: April 2015
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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