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While rains have lashed on Mumbai, summer is still in full bloom in other parts of the country. And we have an excellent repertoire of books as summer reads for you! So take a look at our #SummerReads and pick the ones you like.

  1. The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias (Thriller) 

1904xDevilPrayercover-25.01.16b-frontA nun commits suicide in front of thousands in Spain. In Australia, Siobhan Russo recognises that nun as her mother, Denise Russo, who disappeared six years ago. In search of answers, Siobhan travels to the isolated convent where her mother once lived. Here she discovers Denise’s final confession, a book that details a heinous betrayal that left her crippled and mute, and Denise’s subsequent deal with the Devil to take revenge. In the desperate bargain Denise made with the Prince of Darkness, she wagered Siobhan’s soul. As Siobhan discovers the fate of her soul, she learns that hidden within the pages of her mother’s confession is part of The Devil’s Prayer, an ancient text with the power to unleash apocalyptic horrors. And now her mother’s enemies know Siobhan has it. Can Siobhan escape an order of extremist monks determined to get the Prayer back? Can she save the world from its own destruction?

2. Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna (Romance)

Secretly YoursEveryone has secrets . . . but is hers the most shocking? Orphaned at birth, seventeen-year-old Sahil has always blamed himself for his parents’ death. He has little interest in life until he meets the enigmatic Anya in a chance encounter during the Shimla fest. Soon he falls head over heels in love with her, but Anya doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. An accident leaves him in a coma and when he wakes up he makes a startling discovery-he can read minds! Now he can find out what goes on in Anya’s mind and maybe, just maybe, make her fall in love with him. But is Anya all she seems? Or is she hiding something? Deliciously plotted, full of morbid secrets and startling revelations, Secretly Yours will make you question what you see and who you trust.

3. Corpokshetra by Deepak Kaul (Fiction/Business)

corporkshetra“It’s a Bloody Good Book!” The Pandavas have returned home after 13 years of exile. And they are demanding their stake in Hastinapur Inc. But the Kauravas, led by the haughty Duryodhana, aren’t ready to give them a penny. The battle lines are drawn, only this war is in the present-day Kurukshetra – the corporate boardroom.
As the Kauravas and the Pandavas don their sharpest suits, Krishna – the wily Consultant – strategies for peace. This is a humorous, modern take on the Mahabharata (with due apologies to Rishi Ved Vyas). An epic story retold for the MBA generation.

4. A Broken Man 

A broken ManFrom the villages of Bihar, traversing through the corridors of Lucknow University and landing straight on Bollywood – A Broken Man by Akash Verma has a lot to offer its readers. The differences between castes in India still persist strongly and are a huge hindrance to love. And yet, love conquers mostly. Sometimes it takes years, decades, centuries to come around but at the end of infinity, love wins.

A Broken Man is a story that reinforces faith in what love can accomplish as it pushes us to achieve the impossible. 

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