A Thousand Times Over – By Sudhanshu Bisen

‘Hope Is a Good Thing’ – Sudhanshu Bisen weaves a wonderful story with A Thousand Times Over.

thousand-times-overThe story is about love and hope. An excellent read, it will not make you wish to keep this book aside at any moment. You will have to finish reading it at one shot.

The story begins with two different scenarios and later they converge into one in a way nobody would have thought about. A unique plot, heartwarming script, warm characters and an underlying mystery – all these make this book an interesting read.

The plot is contemporary, with focus on how social media is influencing our daily lives. If it was not for social media like blogs, Whatsapp, Instagram, this story wouldn’t exist.

It is a story about a not so happy couple – a mother and son who love each other, and then a boy who does not win his love but he is not the one to lose hope. These three relationships intertwine amongst each other and finally what we are left reading is a winner of a story.

The language is sweet and simple, with no complicated jargons which make it easy to read. Most of the plot is believable but the climax could have been a bit better, it doesn’t seem to be too real. The whole novel seems to be contemporary, but the way the climax is dealt with, does not make it appear that anyone today, even in true love would do that to themselves what the protagonists do.

Overall, it is a short novella, and would make you want to know more and more about the progress of the story which happens step by step and ends up with all the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

It is definitely a recommended read. 

Author: Sudhanshu Bisen
Publisher: Prakash Books / Fingerprint
Release: 2016
Genre: Fiction / YA
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Reviewed by: Amit Pamnani

Amit is a chef, former Food Editor of BBC Good Food Mag, and loves to review books.


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