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Who is author Sudarshan Mahabal?

Let me start with telling you something about my new-found love for writing: I write to forget and hence I don’t forget to write. It is cathartic! I’m a Data Scientist and a Senior Manager of Data Mining and Analytics in one of the large Silicon Valley companies by day, and a writer by night. I did Production Engineering from VJTI Mumbai, MBA from San Francisco State University, Stanford Certified in Strategy and am a research scholar working on my PhD in predictive analytics from Symbiosis International University. I split my life between San Jose, USA and Pune, India with my wife, two sons and a golden retriever dog named Steffy who is the furry love of my life.

The journey of writing the book…To and Fro..

My new book Love Trumps All! is a cross-cultural romance that was written over a period of one year and six months. This was a period of an amazing family experiment and adventure.  My wife and I decided to single-parent one child each over an academic year! She in Pune with our fifteen-year-old, and I in Silicon Valley, with our eight-year-old. The following four months I took a cross-country road trip alone in the US, and had the opportunity to stay with some amazing and diverse American families, handpicked by me to maximize diversity through Airbnb. After my one-way trip from Cupertino (West) to Boston (East) over four months, I sold my car in Boston the day after Trump was elected president and flew back to India! During that time period, my elusive inner artist, who I had successfully suppressed for decades to focus on my high-tech career, rose during the wee hours of the morning, and wrote from 4:00am to 5:30am. With a white noise app in the background, I would sit in my dark bedroom with my eyes closed, trying to streamline the thoughts racing in my mind, and hammer away at my keyboard. The struggle to find the right words to express my thoughts, and to find the right slots for my characters, themes and timelines felt like I was dealing with a giant 3D mind-Tetris! I would write what I could, but would have to let it all go into the background once I plunged into the day.

A glimpse of my life…as a writer, and a nomad..

Transitioning from that writing universe to the daily demands would leave me at times with a sense of loss – like when a delightful dream scatters and evaporates too rapidly and is forgotten far too soon. I spent most of my day working with numbers as a data scientist and fulfilling my duties as a fun, single soccer dad. That year became an ‘every father must do it’ kind of experience, which is a story in itself; but for another time and another book that is in the making. I am a serial immigrant. Switching between countries and cultures is my only addiction. Every time I leave India, patriotic melodies play in my mind. I miss the warmth of the love of my people. While in India, I miss my life in the US, the land of the brave and independent. The more I travel between the two countries and to those between them, I realize that I cannot live without either country. The two countries are on the opposite sides of the globe and are so very different, culturally. This diversity makes my life more interesting and difficult at the same time.

‘Love Trumps All!’ – A bit about the book

Five friends, five religions, five ideologies, five inseparable interwoven stories of transformation and self-discovery on a global stage from Y2K to Modi+Trump. It is an illuminating interwoven story of five unlikely friends in a global setting across Silicon Valley, Manhattan, Mumbai, Pune, Khamgaon (representative of small-town India full of youth with stars-and-stripes in their eyes!), Hyderabad and Nepal, as they explore their liberal progressive identities in a world powered by immigration and divided by nationality, religion, and politics. A story that spans the Y2K opportunities of 1990s to the current backdrop of US 2016 presidential election.

I have fallen in love with writing fuzzy emotions after two decades of working with numbers that are predictably integer, real or imaginary. I promise to get into full time writing and retire from counting numbers if my debut book gets an average 4+ rating from at least 1000 readers (with standard deviation of a 0.25!). Do take a moment to rate this book!

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Author(s): Sudarshan Mahabal
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Release: December 2017
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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