Stupid Flocks !

Why do we wait for the claps to begin,
Why do we crave for the obscene noise?

Why are we so deaf to our own heart,
Why do we ignore the silent inside voice?

In the process of being Someone, in the journey through the crowds
We lose what we already have, things that don’t need applause

We miss those lazy afternoons, those rainy days and those hang outs

Those carefree chicken-dance and those times we were truly nuts

Who are these “others” who always figure in our quest for self?

Who the hell, really, are they themselves?

Why can’t we just love the ride, the bumps the turns and the traffic lights

Why are we so rushed to reach somewhere that we miss the most beautiful sights?

Wait up and listen, there are sounds better than your alarm clock’s

Wait up and follow, your heart has suggestions better than those stupid flock’s.

……………. Demented Dreamer


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