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After writing feature article for two decades, Kanchana Banerjee has arrived as a story teller with her first novel, A Forgotten Affair, and she’s here to stay.  

Who is Kanchana?

I’m a story teller. I enjoy stories in various mediums – films, TV, plays & of course books. The written word has fascinated me since childhood. It may sound odd to others but I haven’t wanted to do anything else but write.

Anything else was never an option. So I’ve been dreaming of seeing my book in book-stores, book fairs for a very very long time. This is fulfilling a long cherished dream.

The written word isn’t new for me. I’ve been writing for various publications and companies for the past two decades. I’ve written scores of feature articles on relationships, lifestyle, entertainment, social issues and have worked for reputed companies like HUL, Colgate, UNICEF and many others. So the topic of my debut novel isn’t far removed from the kind of writing I’ve done in the past.

I enjoy writing relationship stories. There is so much drama in our lives, in our relationship with others and with ourselves. There’s no telling what a human being is capable of doing. And I like to explore various emotions in my stories.

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Are your stories love stories?

Well, love forms an important part of the  story but the story goes much beyond  the  romance of love. Personally I don’t like mushy romances. I can’t imagine my characters walking into the sunset. I like complexities because I believe human relationships are complex. Human beings are complex. So in my stories characters face difficult situations, often do wrong, they step outside the bounds set  by society and they get lost. I’m not trying to deliver a social message through my stories. That’s not my intention at all. I am a story teller who wants to entertain readers and hopefully leave a tiny mark in their heart with my tale.

About the book

forgotten-affairA Forgotten Affair is about a married woman in a difficult marriage, an emotionally abusive marriage; she finds love outside her marriage. On the day she decides to leave her husband, she meets with an accident, goes into deep coma and then wakes up to a memory blackout. She forgets everything. The good, bad & ugly. She forgets the love she had found and the abuse in her marriage. Then what happens…is what the story is about. Does she remember? How does her ego-maniac husband behave?

The story delicately raises few fundamental questions – what is Fate? Is it divine intervention to stop us in our tracks to think about our actions? Or is it a force that pushes our life and us in a certain direction? If you were to forget everything, would you make the same choices again or would you make new ones?

The essential thought or the line that runs through the story – Sometimes you need to forget everything to recognize what matters the most.

What is the most important thing in Sagarika”s life (the protagonist)? What does she forget and does she remember it…

kanchanaAbout the author:

After writing feature articles for various publications, PR firms and companies for nearly two decades, Kanchana Banerjee decided to pursue her long-cherished dream – to write a novel. She holds a master’s degree in English from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She lives in Gurgaon with her husband, son and two dogs, Archie and Casper. A Forgotten Affair is her first novel.

Author: Kanchana Banerjee
Publisher: Harper Collins / Harlequin
Release: August 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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