My Story Pushed Me Towards Writing Itself

Sapan Saxena is author, blogger, dancer, chef, and a software engineer. Strictly in that order. Read about his most interesting debut novel Finders, Seekers and all about this young author. 

Whenever I get to fill ‘about me’ section, something that would describe me, I like to keep it minimum. I would love if some day my work describes me rather than my words.

Balancing work and writing

I am a Software Engineer by the day. And apart from that I like to dance (one of my dance videos was tweeted by Shahrukh Khan himself) and cook as well. First of all, those who say they lack time, most of them are lying. There will always be time for things important to you.

My wife has been the biggest contributor and motivator to my books and blogs. When I was writing the book she would sleep alone while I was putting words into the book. Lastly, I sleep less, and manage. As I said, things that need to be done, need to be done.

Why did you write Finders, Keepers

Finders, Keepers happened by chance. Normally you won’t find Software Engineers penning down books, that too an out-and-out thriller. I mean Mechanical Engineers can still think of writing sad, one-sided melodramatic love stories but being a Software Engineer, I had my share of write up in the form of JAVADocs. Then one day my father, who is kind of a connoisseur of Hindu mythology told me about a not-so-known fact and I thought it to be a pretty kick-ass idea for a book. The story pushed me towards writing itself.

About the book

The book is an out-and-out thriller based on Ancient Indian history and mythology.

How a dormant sect raises its head and challenges the sanctity of one of the best kept secrets of all time, forms the basis of the story.

finders keepersAs one of the reviewers, Adarsh Srivastava points it out, one remarkable feature of the book has been the average, human-like characters, which can be anyone. It can be me and it can be you. And how they solve one of the most complex puzzles of all time, is the USP of the book. Add to that the immense exploration of Hindu mythology right from the scratch in a way that is seldom done. I try to raise questions like – “If Ashoka had won so many wars and conquered almost the entire Indian sub-continent, Kalinga was just another war for him and he had seen a lot of bloodshed before. Was Kalinga the real reason behind his change of heart?”

Why do you think readers will love this book?

As I said earlier, I am confident readers will be able to connect with the very real life characters and situations. The protagonists, the other characters can be anyone, the person living next door to you and yet they are facing the myths, magic and super powers. They will love to get to know some angles of their history and mythology that they were completely unaware about.

Advice for aspiring writers

A simple two fold advice. Blog. Blog helps you not only to gain acceptance among your readers, it helps you identify shortcomings early in the game. A blog is like your personal diary for the world. Today you may think of writing a prose and promise yourself you will do it tomorrow. The next day, you are just not in mood. A blog helps you maintain that prose forever.

Don’t write because you have to. Write because you want to tell a story to the world.

A smart  woodcutter sharpens his axe for 29 days and cuts the tree down in one day. Invest whatever time you could in building up the story and the narrative. Pick your pen(or laptop) once you know you have a cracker of a story.

About the author:

sapanBrought up in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Sapan did B. Tech in Information & Technology from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. He started taking interest in writing on various spiritual and mythological subjects during his college days and his work found place in leading newspapers on many occasions. His profession is engineering but writing is his passion. He connects and finds links of modernization with mythology having keen interest in the same. Sapan married in the year 2011 and is now the proud father of a toddler. A responsible father, a loving husband, a supportive brother and a caring son, Sapan generates time to write. The present book is a fictional work, a perfect blend of riddles with history and mythology, and is full of suspense till the last page.

Author: Sapan
Publisher: Leadstart
Release: December 2014
Genre: Fiction / History / Mythology
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Aspiring author, frequent blogger, freelance editor, book critic, movie buff, mihidana fanatic. Lives in Pune. Before the above titles, I was a PhD dropout in Soil Science from the US of A, which rather coerced me into switching gears and professions. I work in both English and my mother tongue Bengali.

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