Usually, My Stories Write Themselves – Diptee Raut

I used to write as a kid
I used to complete stories that I thought could have ended otherwise. I loved doing that. I did it for fun. And then I stopped writing for a long long time. I used to read. But write, nah. And life kept happening.
School, then college, and then interviews for management schools. That was the time i had to also make a resume to figure out part time jobs. I got my sister to help me write my resume and to make it impressive she said, “Why don’t you write something cool like, My dream is to be a published author of a bestseller?” I did that. And then I started saying it in interviews and introductions. It made me feel really cool. And that is how, after saying it a crazy lot of time, it kind of automatically became my dream.
I did not write again for years. And life kept happening again.
Many years later after I was married, I heard my sister in law give an essay topic to her students. The topic was – One day, the door rings, you open it and there is Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu staring back at you. That got me thinking and I wrote a story. And then I did not know what to do with the story. So I did what I do when I do not know what to do. I searched the internet. and I came across something called blogs. And it was the coolest thing I had come across. So I made a blog and I posted it there. I sent the link to various friends and the response I got amazed me. It made me confident to write more and soon, all those old forgotten words that I had so proudly blurted out during my interviews, came back to me. It became a dream again.
And this time around I did not stop writing.
I preferred writing short stories, I still do
And that is mainly because I am lazy to write long stories. I start writing and then I start getting desperate to for my story to end quickly. This also happens because usually my stories write themselves. No kidding. Happens with a lot of people. Initially I was embarrassed to say this, I did not want people to think i was just a stuck up idiot, but then I read an article that this is what many writers actually go through. I so I know I am not a stuck up idiot. (though I actually am.) (Nah, kidding.) So when I am writing I do not think of the end of the story. It kind of comes up to me as I am writing. And which is why i prefer writing short stories. Because my stories are not planned.
The story for Jukebox – well, it is funny actually
It came to me one day as I was waiting at the metro station. The beginning, I mean. I noted it and it was lost in my notebook. Then when I had to write for Jukebox, I came across the beginning while going through my notebook for ideas. I got writing. A lot of the scenes in my story, A Deep Fried Love Story, are from real life experiences at various times in life and from my day dreams.
What makes a short story unique for me is the impact it can have in just a stretch of reading. You sit, you read, you finish, you stare out of the story with your mind still there, you sigh, you wait and then you move to the next after the break. It is an amazing feeling.

Yes, I have a day job

Luckily, I do not have a job which keeps me super busy through the day and I can squeeze in some writing time at work. I do not deal with writers block. I just let it unblock.

Stories that have inspired me

It is difficult to come up with just one short story that has influenced me. There are a many. Stories, especially short stories, by Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, Satyajit Ray have been a great source of influence and inspiration. In fact it was Ruskin bond and his stories that i read as a kid that actually inspired me to take up writing. It was his stories that I gave alternate endings to as a kid.
About the author:
Diptee Raut is a working mother to a four year old. She loves to read, write, sew and quilt and spend time playing and crafting with her son. She is from Mumbai but has made Kolkata her home now.
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