Spell-binding Spells -A book that is making waves among cricket lovers in India and abroad

The inspiration for Spell-binding Spells came from noted cricket author and historian, Kersi Meher-Homji based on an article I had written on an Australian website two years ago.

That day set me on a wonderful fulfilling journey. 2-years and several versions later, I have a bestselling book out there earning rave reviews from readers and critics alike. I am being embraced by the close knit cricketing community as one of their own for penning a book on bowlers, an oft ignored breed, and putting something out there which joins the list of reference books for cricket for future generations. VVS Laxman, Sanjay Manjrekar, Lalchand Rajput, Deep Dasgupta and many more among cricketers, Debasish Datta, Gulu Ezekiel, Spiro Zavos, Kersi Meher-Homji and other eminent journalists have been most appreciate and supportive. Reviewers including the prestigious Statesman and Aajkal of Kolkata and several others have been gratifyingly effusive in their praise. Top 3 on the Amazon Bestseller List and glowing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads has been my reward from happy readers. So inspired am I, that I am now working on 2 more projects with strong interest expected from major publishers. And in the meantime, I continue doing my day job as a banker while my second career as an author takes off. Exciting times indeed! Bio: Anindya Dutta, an international banker by day, is a widely read cricket columnist and author. His first book on cricket, A Gentleman’s Game published in early 2017, rose to the top of the Amazon Bestseller list in India, Australia and UK. His recently published book ‘Spell-binding Spells’ has been consistently in the Top 3 cricket books in India for about 6 weeks. It is also topping the charts from UK, to Australia and the US.
Anindya writes regularly on cricket and its history on websites like ESPN Cricinfo, Cricket Country, The Roar in Australia, Cricket Soccer, and journals like The Sportstar.

About the author : Anindya’s writing can be accessed on his website www.cricketwriter.com, and he can also be followed on his Twitter account (@Cric_Writer) and Facebook page (Cricket Writer). Anindya has worked in London, Hong Kong, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai over the past 25 years. He now works, writes, and lives in Singapore.

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