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I believe I began writing by mistake
I had been working on creating an imaginary city for my imaginary friend to live in and I started writing then, partly it was because I wanted to tell one of my grandparents stories, and he seemed to know all of the ones that were told usually.

Short stories have the freedom to reach beyond the word limits

I began playing around with a particular character in a novel  was writing, and she claimed a story of her own. ‘Marital Chains’ comes from a far more personal space though, recently, some of my very close friends had had abusive relationships and that sort of thing made we wish to protest. Now, I neither have strong arms, nor do I have huge weapons to brandish, so I did what I could, I wrote.

Short stories have the freedom to reach beyond the word limits and creep into your mind. I remember growing up and falling in love with O.Henry and how he used the medium. The mundane suddenly become fantastical.

I am a full-time student, and I write sporadically, which means, that on some days I turn out hundreds of pages and on some days, I would rather sip coffee.
 Stories that have stayed with me for long

We don’t get a lot of preachers for Shirley Jackson round here, but, ‘The Lottery’ is genuinely one of the best pieces of fiction to ever be written. It made me realise that social issues and hyperboles would always be a part of my stories, and I have been living by that book ever since.

‘The Glass Palace’ by Amitav Ghosh – I remember being intoxicated by the entire diaspora of characters and I just wanted to write more.

People who have inspired me

Mostly I owe this love for writing to two teachers, Ms Santa Sarkar – who taught us English and Mr. Tapan Karmakar – who taught us drawing. In an age when I was falling into depression, they made me write and do art, and while, I am the one writing, I feel they would always be a part of my stories.

About the author:

Uttiya is a person who reads a little too many books in a reader’s nook in the City of Joy. He writes literature with the naive dreams of changing a bit of the world, and aspires to research so as to help humanity to progress more.

He also writes wonderfully in this blog.

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