Sniper’s Eye Is A Fast Paced And Logical Thriller

What the book holds for you

Aaditya Ghosh goes on a date with his girl-friend Zoya .He was shocked to see a man shot dead in front of his eyes. Neither he backed off or panicked. He knows what had happened and immediately he became a man of action. Aaditya was taken under custody by the police for his actions. He had no idea that his actions would get himself on the kill list of the murderers. What did he do? Who is he?

Aaditya, an ex-servicemen.

A serviceman who wishes to have a normal and pleasant life ditching his past memories. But will the past leave him behind? Would a trained army men walk out of a sniper’s attack which happens in front of his eyes? The present walks him through the past. He has to fight the present to beat his past, in order to have a clean future.

My take on the story

This is my first book by Mainak Dhar. I liked the plot thoroughly which made me to finish up the book very fast. I was expecting the book to be a complete action packed sequence but it showed me the other side of a dedicated serviceman. A fast paced novel at the start and turned out to be a slow but with a reasoning narration on the backdrop. The narration is unlike the other thrillers. A practical approach all the way down the book.

The narration was not hero centric entirely which very much attracted my attention towards the story. Servicemen who believes in his instincts and army training to survive at crucial times. I thoroughly liked that thought.

Be it our man or different country, everyone is a victim of political affairs. Corruption plays silently even with the armed forces. No one could be spared. The deep side of servicemen life was put forth powerfully in this novel. Aman who intend to be a good man was fed with false news who in turn becomes a jihadi. They are fed only with rage and vengeance. Whatever they do is for the country and not for them. But still they get caught up with the dirty politics and lose their dignity.

Ups and Downs

The book showed up the braveness of family members of public service people. Aaditya will inspire you in lot many ways. The plot was composed and coined perfectly throughout the book. The second half of the book was tad slow but that was because of practicality of the events. A known enemy is better than an unknown enemy. Aaditya and Aman teamed up at the right time which made the plot to get back on the wheels of thriller.

The reality of the media buzz was shown in this book efficaciously. One day they praise us and the other day they degrade us. All they want is breaking news for the people rather than reliable news. This book when compared is a short novel but author brilliantly touched and covered all the zones of thriller book would have. I extremely loved the kind of pay check delivered to Sai by our man Aaditya. The execution of the second half was genius as the author revealed who the traitor on mid-way but still hooked up us with the story interestingly with the well planned trap. The essence of humour at many places gave the light feel not only to the characters but also to the readers.

Did you know?

Author M.K. Dhar’s guest appearance in the novel has to be mentioned here. I felt I was watching a film with his presence in a separate track. It’s an intelligent move by the author. But later, I got to know that the M.K. Dhar in the book isn’t Mainak Dhar, but a tribute to his father (also called M.K. Dhar), who was an ex serviceman.

Overall, Sniper’s Eye is a well written novel with detailing of men in uniform and their sacrifices. A thriller ride which had its fast and slow tracks at the right moments.

Author(s): Mainak Dhar
Publisher: 4 Hour Press
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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