A Sister To Honour – By Lucy Ferriss

Honour is often quite a misinterpreted term. To some, it signifies the grit that is required to build and hold a team or family. To others, the honour of a ménage is needed to be fiercely guarded, even if it ends up destroying the individual members. You teeter on an invisible line of honour, and just when you have attained enough balance, you look at both sides and find both of them empty. Lucy Ferriss has etched a fictional tale of love and honour that will compel the readers to hold their breath around each corner.

Set alternately in the US of A and Pakistan, the story is as comprehensive as it could be. Brother-sister duo of Shahid and Afia Satar are respectively busy with their academics in New England, in addition to Shahid being an upcoming Squash player. They hail from a large Pashtun family in Northern Pakistan, where honour is of utmost importance. Afia is great in academics, aspiring to be a doctor and serving multitudes of unfortunate women back home. Being a perfect daughter to her family, the only mistake she makes is falling in love with an American. Words float back home and a turmoil begins that torpedoes the relationship between Shahid and Afia. Will they remain confidante to each other? Will Afia be able to save her love? Will they live, at all?

I was sceptical about a non-Asian writer getting into the nitty-gritties of our complex subcontinent, wondering if she would be able to do justice. But Lucy Ferriss has gone way past my expectations and written a book that should be read and remembered widely around the world. Nothing amiss about the subcontinental culture or customs, perfectly laced Pashtun words and terms to explain emotions, characterising an extremely strong persona of Coach Hayes and her influence on Shahid-Afia – the author has got almost everything correct in this book.

An exotic cover to complement the maze of a plot, A Sister to Honour will be one of my favourites this year.

Do pick up this beauty and get enthralled reading.

About the author:

Born in St. Louis, Lucy Ferriss received her Ph.D. from Tufts University. Over the years she has authored ten books, including her memoir Unveiling the Prophet: The Misadventures of a Reluctant Debutante (named Best Book of the Year by the Riverfront Times), Nerves of the Heart (finalist in the Peter Taylor Prize competition), Leaving the Neighborhood and Other Stories (winner of the Mid-List First Series Award in 2000), and The Lost Daughter, a Book-of-the-Month pick.Lucy lives with her husband, Don Moon, in the Berkshires and in Connecticut, where she is Writer-in-Residence at Trinity College.

Author: Lucy Ferriss
Publisher: Fingerprint
Release: 2016
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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