Coffee, Conversations and You – By Shaily Bhargava (Romance)

Coffee, Conversations and You (an excerpt)

The soft, white and weightless snow had fallen down last night covering the entire Manhattan city. The streets are full of cosy cuddling couples enjoying the exhilarating snow walk and delicious soft sunshine spanning after three continuous days of snowstorm. In the Midtown West, the famous Karen’s Cafe attracts the coffee lovers with its distinctive ambience and the steamy seductive aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans. The snowflakes are glistening in the morning sun on the cafe’s glass door, when Swati, a tall beautiful girl wearing a red velvet coat swiftly enters rubbing her white gloves and blowing foggy breaths. Her tender smile and splendour youth spin some heads in the cafe as she pulls a chair to sit. Karen walks near her table with a bright smile placing her usual order of coffee and two vanilla cupcakes.

Two hours breezes away quietly. Swati sits in a corner reading a book when a soft gentle male voice distracts her attention.

“Can I sit here?”

She removes the book throwing her chocolatey brown eyes anxiously in the direction of the voice glancing at the man standing close to her table. He is a six feet tall, suave and handsome man scanning her closely with a naughty smile, shimmering in the golden sun-rays that beam on his face through the half closed curtains.

fbc“Hi, it’s all full in here, just this one chair left,” he innocently smirks touching the chair.

The cafe is fairly crowded but Swati cleverly arches her thin black eyebrows high pointing her index finger towards another set of empty chairs.

“Oh, umm my bad,” he smiles ardently and leaves.

After five minutes, he reappears and gently slips his fingers to tilt the book she has been reading.

“You are an Indian, right?” he enquires sheepishly.


Shaily BhargavaShaily Bhargava – She’s is an ardent reader, keen observer, dreamer and optimist living in Noida. The people in her tiny social world describe her as an artist with camera and an eager logophile wearing the magical thinking cap to knit beautiful stories. Her short stories are published by online literary magazines of repute.  Professionally, she is an Equity Technical Analyst who enjoys work of writers citing serious drama like Khaled Hosseini, Jhumpa Lahiri to light chic-lit romantic fictions by Nicholas Sparks and Anuja Chauhan. Shaily finds her strength in 3Cs – Chocolates, Coffee and Candy Crush.

She can be reached at: [email protected]

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