When Shadows Turn Dark — By Vidya Anand

A bit about you

A computer engineer, a homemaker, a mom, an an ex-workaholic. I started writing on forums as a pastime but soon, it grew into a passion. Before ‘When Shadows Turn Dark’ happened, I was a part of an anthology, ‘The Unbreakable You’.

The curiosity about the unreal world of dreams and what would happen if we ever start remembering what we saw in our dreams led me to write When Shadows Turn Dark.

About the book

shadowWhen Shadows Turn Dark is a mystery thriller woven around the life of Anirudh. His past and present are tangled in an ambiguous manner and he cannot live in peace till he untangles and unravels the mysterious tie-up between the two.

A stranger girl and her painful shrieks haunt him as horrifying nightmares, rendering him sleepless for nights together.

Without an option, he goes behind his past story. The realization of the truth only unsettles him further.

The only person apart from his best friend Madhav, with whom he can entrust all that he finds out and get solace is his colleague at work, Trisha. As a friend, guide and his sole warrior, she fights for him till the end despite the hurdles coming her way.

Trisha’s best friend, Sonia, is madly in love with Anirudh, leading to a strange triangle of love, friendship and deceit.

Miles away, in Edinburgh are Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Life is a smooth sail for them till by strange coincidences they are dragged into Anirudh’s story. As if destined to happen, all of them come face to face for the final count down, a recount of sins and apologies from the past happen bringing out the universal truth that however hidden and buried under, the real truth eventually comes out.

The incomplete story of the past finds closure, so does end Anirudh’s nightmares. He also gets his true love and soul mate when the story ends, or rather begins on a happy note.

Why would readers love the book

The book is about the mystical world of rebirth and how one life might just not be enough to pay for our sins.

I hope readers will love the intriguing, suspense element that lingers through the story. The different characters and their lives will keep them further engrossed.

Balancing home & work, your advice to aspiring writers

I do not have another day job outside home but handling home and two naughty kids aren’t any less than a job. So my challenge is to balance them and my writing. I try my best to hold them both on two different planes and not let one affect the other.

A lesson I learnt is that we should read more. Along with other books, we should read our own writing over and over again.

About the author:

vidyaVidya Anand is a computer engineer, presently managing home and her twins. She lives in Chennai with her family. She had been a complete workaholic for almost eight years. Break from work gave her ample time to explore her creativity. She started writing as a pastime; a habit that soon turned into a passion. She writes fan fictions and short stories on blogs and different forums during her free time. She has also been a part of an anthology titled The Unbreakable You. Though romance is her favorite genre, she likes to experiment and explore other genres, such as thriller, fantasy and romantic comedies. Whatever be the genre, she loves a happily-ever-after conclusion for every story. You can reach her on twitter @Devamrith.

Author: Vidya Anand
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: March 2016
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy
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