A Guide To Self Publishing

Guide To Self Publishing by Sheetal

So you’re ready with your award-winning manuscript and all set for publishing? What if the manuscript get rejected? What if the rates of publishing are too high? What if your book fails to flourish in market? I know we writers at one point are all apprehensive about publishing a book and we don’t know how to start and whom to approach. That’s when self-publishing comes in picture to rescue the writer in you. Here is your complete guide to self-publishing and see your brand new book soon on shelves:


  •  Submit your manuscript & wait for the approval

Self-publishing is an affordable and guaranteed way to launch your book in the market. All you need to do is keep your manuscript ready and submit it to the most popular self-publishing sites like Power Publishers and NotionPress. First, they will approve the manuscript and as and when required they will suggest minor changes via email or phone in order to shape your manuscript in a best way.

  •  Every writer needs an editor

Not all writers can be good editors. In fact, every writer will need an editor sooner or later stage of the book-publishing process. Thus, always consider hiring an editor to edit your book in a best possible manner.

  •  Take help of online tools and apps

As I suggested before that your book may need an editor. However, to make the process even simpler you can also take help of online tools and apps. Websites like Grammerly can help you to make grammar corrections. On the other hand, software like LibreOffice makes story writing easy and efficient and makes your drafts ready to edit.

  •  Self-publishing comes in all size and packages

Self-publishing packages are highly affordable and they cater to your book-marketing needs. Decide your publishing and marketing budget and choose a self-publishing package carefully. If your package excludes book-cover design, you can anytime upgrade your plan or choose individual services for the same.

  •  Self-publishing takes care of book-marketing

Self-publishing service not only helps you to publish your book but it also helps you to do enough book-marketing by availing services like creating posters, sending books for review and video book trailer.

  •  Do some marketing by yourself

Self-publishing covers almost every important aspect of your book-publishing dream. However, you should also do some marketing by yourself for your book to be received well in market. During the time when your book is in print process, start sharing the book details with your family and friends. Additionally, you should give a serious thought to social media marketing. Create a buzz for your book; post it in various Google communities and keep in touch with your Facebook fans. This is the time when you really need to engage with your targeted audience.

Written by: Sheetal


4 thoughts on “A Guide To Self Publishing

  1. What you have mentioned is NOT self publishing, it’s vanity publishing. The only real self publishing platform is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I would strongly recommend that aspiring writers type the following in Google: Notion Press complaints, or Partridge Publishing complaints, before they invest any money in vanity publishing. If aspiring writers are serious about self publishing, they should download the self publishing guide from the Amazon KDP website. Amazon also provides a marketing service. Your money is far better spent advertising your book using this platform. Just type Amazon Marketing Service in Google and you will locate several links on effective way of marketing your self published book on Amazon. I have used book KDP and AMS and am very happy with the results. Do NOT fall into the trap of vanity publishing.

  2. Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for your valuable suggestion and feedback. However, I am sorry to tell you that you’ve completely mistaken my topic on self-publishing. It can be your personal experience with websites like notionpress or Patridge publishing. The whole topic is all about self-publishing where you can take help of self-publishers like http://www.power-publishers.com or how one can promote their book in free ways such as promoting on Facebook page, Twitter or asking friends or fellow bloggers to promote or write reviews about the book. I had a very good experience with power-publishers which is based in Kolkata. Even though I stay thousand miles away from Kolkata. they always maintained transparency and helped me to publish my book very effectively. The entire topic is written in such way where one can experiment with paid as well as free modes for marketing their new book. I hope this clarifies your doubts otherwise power-publishers or Rupa publishers would not have survived in the market so long if they were looting money from the people.

  3. KDP is definitely revolutionary & path breaking but the charm of getting book published has its own charm. There is a little more excitement in ‘submitting’ for publishing than to ‘upload’ on kindle. And as far as this whole debate of the commercials is concerned, things are pretty non transparent & murkey in order to make any final judgement. Everybody is having a different experience & a different version of a story.

  4. Any aspiring writers reading this, please go to the Power Publishers website, check out their ‘catalogue’ and see how many of their ‘bestsellers’ are available on Amazon. Check out the sales rank of the books. These ‘self published’ books are very often only available for sale on the website of the ‘self publishing’ house, which I am sure you’ll appreciate, does not see much traffic other than from the self published authors. I wish these authors would be honest enough to admit that they have been duped and wasted their money. Hopefully this might bring an end to these predatory practises. All I can say is – beware vanity publishing.

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