I Want To Introduce An Era Of Happy Reading: Sapna Bhog


Who is Sapna Bhog?

I am a computer engineer by education and I worked in the software industry for about 12 years before I decided to give it up and become a full time mom. Born in Pune but brought up in Dubai, I have travelled extensively both for work and pleasure.

I am a bibliophile. I absolutely love reading and my favourite genre is romance so yes I am a hopeless romantic at heart. With my writing, I would like to introduce an era of happy reading for the Indian readers. Books that will leave you with a smile at the end.

“Take a Chance on me” is my first book and I am proud and happy to see it published and being very well received. This book is the first in my series of books and I plan to write more books on different characters featured in this one.

Why do you write?

I write because I enjoy it. It’s that simple really. I love it when a seed of an idea takes the shape of a full-fledged story with characters, situations, emotions and reactions. In the end, it’s the joy of creating a story from imagination is what keeps me going.

What made you write this book?

My book, Take a Chance on Me is in the Indian romantic fiction genre. My foray into writing was not a planned endeavour. I woke up one day, absolutely crystal clear about the characters and decided to pen them down to see where their story would go. After a few weeks the story actually took shape and today I am proud to see it release as my first full-fledged novel.

About the book

Take a Chance on Me is a romance novel with a slight twist of suspense to it. The book is about two successful professionals, Keya and Kabier, who go through a series of misunderstandings before they find their way to each other. It gives an insight into corporate life and how people are skeptical to commit into a relationship until they finally realize one day that “This person is it”.

What do you think the readers will love about the book?

It’s a very light and quick read and in the end, leaves you feeling happy and definitely wanting more of the same. All readers of romance will definitely enjoy it. And for those who haven’t tried the romantic genre yet, my advice is to give it go. Because once you feel the joy that you get at the end of a romance, you get addicted for life.

Is there a writing schedule you follow? How do you deal with writer’s block?

I like to write when there is peace and quiet around me so that’s typically the time when the kids are off to school.

There are days when the words keep flowing on the laptop and those days I type continuously and furiously and then I have those days when no words can be formed in my head. So yes, writer’s block is quite real. But, most of the times I get inspired by a real life incident or a certain dialogue in a film or TV or a certain line from a favourite book and that gets me going again.

Sapna’s favourite authors and books

My all-time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. That’s the one book that got me addicted to romances. I am an avid reader and I read a lot of fiction. Be it action packed thrillers from authors like Steve Berry, John Grisham, Lee Child and others to Harry Potter and twilight Series and Lord of the Rings. I enjoy reading across genres.

Your advice for aspiring authors

Believe in yourself, believe in your story and the rest will follow. Don’t worry if your story is different and doesn’t cater to today’s best-selling norms. It’s your story and you should write it the way it comes to you.

Finally, if you are at a block because no big publishing house will print it for you then don’t lose hope. There are many up-coming publishing houses like Aarahan Publishers who are willing to listen to a new voice and take a chance on them like they did on me.

Author: Sapna Bhog
Publisher: Arahan Publishers
Release: November 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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