A Home For Urvashi By Sanchali Bhattacharya Is A Tribute To Sisterhood

A Home for Urvashi-Sanchali-Bhattacharjee

Who is Sanchali Bhattacharya? 

I am a bundle of optimism. My positive attitude drives me. I never lose hope. Life has taught me the value of patience. Imperfections give me sleepless nights. I can redo a job tirelessly until it shines. The effort and delay are soon forgotten. An impeccable end product endures the ravages of time.

I value my family and friends the most. Perhaps even more than my work. Which explains why it takes me years to write what can be done in months. I am an electrical engineer by profession and an author at heart. I am also a mother. I try to balance all these roles.

After I complete the first draft of a novel, I show it to family members and friends. If they like the story and feel it has the potential to become a good novel, I start working on it.

A Home for Urvashi is my second novel. I have also written some short stories that were published in The Statesman. My favourite author is Anita Desai. I love her books for their unusual story lines and her amazing writing style.I read mostly literary fiction. Also some non-fiction and historical fiction.

For me, writing is all about happiness.

I am happy when I write. When I am happy, people around me are happy. I also feel that my book will help readers forget their own problems and bring them joy.

About the book : A Home For Urvashi

Writersmelon-A home for Urvashi_Sanchali BhattacharyaMagic has long been a popular theme in writing. And if there’s anything more powerful than magic, its sisterhood. A Home for Urvashi is a tribute to the beauty of sisterhood. Sisters are friends, soulmates, partners in childhood games, the best confidantes and fearless defenders in crisis. But what if they are separated? What if they cannot communicate with each other? What if they never had a chance to interact? What if one sister is dead? Would the deep bond of love still exist?

This is what my novel ‘A Home for Urvashi’ explores.

Dulari and Ujjwala are twins. Ujjwala is a marketing professional; Dulari a spirit. At the core of the novel is Dulari’s dream of being reborn and reunited with her sister.

My early childhood was spent in a joint family spanning three generations and a pet dog. My pet’s and grandmother’s deaths caused me intense sorrow. For years I refused to believe they were gone forever. With time, I accepted the truth but questions on the afterlife haunted me. What happens when a person dies? Nobody had answers. Well, the optimist in me imagined. A Home for Urvashi is the result of that imagination. It’s the unknown that motivated me to write this story. I created an imaginary galaxy where souls are given a choice. A place where they can be masters of their own destiny.It will take readers to the parallel worlds of reality and fantasy. There is also some suspense and action in the story, and a rare, bold romantic angle.

Why do you think readers will love the book?

Dulari will win the hearts of readers with her pleasant strangeness and deep love for Ujjwala. Readers will admire Ujjwala for her strength, sensitivity and sense of responsibility.

Your advice for aspiring writers

1) Revise and rewritethen revise again. Write an excellent book.

2) The publishing industry really tests your patience.

My journey from novel completion to acceptance was a long one. Even after the book deal, I waited a good many years. So, be patient.

A Home for Urvashi-Sanchali-Bhattacharjee

About the author : An electrical engineer from Jadavpur University, Sanchali Bhattacharya is a director in her own engineering and manufacturing company. In the past, she has worked for Larsen & Toubro in Mumbai and Kolkata. Her short stories have featured in The Statesman. She is also the author of a novel titled Ashes & Roses. Sanchali is married and has a son. She lives with her family in Kolkata.

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