Rosy’s Best Painting by Sapna Mittal

Nature is equal to all her children; their lack of faculties doesn’t deter them from enjoying the bliss of nature. Read this heartwarming story by Sapna Mittal about Rosy and her rendezvous with rain. 

11 year old Rosy was cute, chubby and cheerful. She was always playful and excited, but unlike others, she was never noisy, naughty or demanding. Her parents, like all other parents, tried their best to fulfill all her needs and wishes, but they lacked somewhere; they could not help the apple of their eyes for her unfortunate disability – Rosy was born deaf-mute.

She was taught the sign language at a young age and hence she could interact with her parents easily, who themselves had learned her language. She was a creative girl, fond of painting, and enjoyed everything that came her way. Her paintings of the lush green pastures, of sunny hot afternoons and of the massive blue sea, among other things, were quite wonderful and vivid.

Rosy loved monsoon, like all other children. Although she could not hear the sweet melodies of the birds in the nice weather, the song of the rain or the cheerful noises and thunder or the whoosh of the wind, but still, she enjoyed the season. She felt delighted with the muddy smell, the feeling of her hair dancing in the wind, the touch of the gentle drops on her palm and the cool breeze making her tremble beside her mother. The beautiful green leaves on the trees and plants, new colourful flowers, umbrellas in all different hues and shades, children playing in muddy water and sailing their small boats made from all those colourful bits of paper – all these spectacular scenes she enjoyed during rains, standing in the balcony, wearing her colourful frock with floral designs.

On one such rainy day, with sky overcast with clouds of different shapes and sizes, Rosy was walking back home from school with her mother. It was not raining but it could rain anytime. After they had walked a few steps, a little shower began. Rosy was all delighted and happy. She opened her pink and blue small umbrella. She felt the thin shower hitting her umbrella, although she could not hear it. Her happiness knew no bounds as they got to see a peacock dancing in a nearby garden. It was a beautiful bird with bright blue neck swinging sideways majestically and its beautiful, green feathers with red, yellow, blue spots making a beautiful semicircle. Rosy stopped for a while seeing the cheerful dance of the bird. As they moved ahead, the showers slowly diminished and from behind a big white cloud, peeped the sun. As soon as this happened, the beauty of the sky was a sight to behold. With the shade of yellow, orange and red, the clouds were looking more beautiful than ever. Then Rosy felt the touch of her mother on her shoulder. As she turned and saw in the direction of her mother’s indication, she was over moon. What she saw was a beautiful bow covering the sky, ending in the horizon, with all the colours of her painting box in it…..Yes, it was a rainbow! Rosy had heard about rainbows and seen their pictures. But for the first time, she was viewing it herself. It was a beautiful scene. For some time she stood there watching it carefully and storing it in her mind.

Her only way to interact with the world, the windows of her mind – her eyes, twinkled with joy and delight as they reached home. That evening she took out her painting box and a drawing-sheet, and put down the image of the rainbow saved in her mind. This colourful painting was then put on the wall with all her other paintings. For Rosy, this painting, with its memories still crystal-clear in her mind, was the best.

Write an article, short story or poem on your experiences – your memories of drenching in the rain for the first time, your first rain-date, your inspirations/motivations from the rain and whatever else you like about it. Do include an occasional rainbow if you can, they’re important too!

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