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d8bcb36ceb2df5643696986f502b7cff_5614ec27c3832Scientists writing on food, cooking and more. How cool is that. Isn’t it?  In the year 2001, the day Meghna & Lakshmi (Megs & Lux) landed in US to pursue higher studies and they went on to a sumptuous culinary journey. Yes. They began cooking. Well, they had to… And then it lead to a series of really interesting cooking experiments in their humble kitchen of 139 Heath Street, the apartment they used to share during their student life in US. 

15 years later, those little experiments in the hostel kitchen by Meghna and Lakshmi turns into a super handy cook book published by India’s first crowd sourced publishing platform for books – BloodyGoodBooks.

While Megs had some experience in basic cooking and was able to pack a lunchbox, Lux had no clue that she will have to cook to survive. It was only a couple of days later, when even the 1$ menu in McDonald’s seemed expensive. And being a desi student in US, cooking struck her as an inevitable thing.

Megs first breakfast at 139 Heath St. was scrambled eggs with multigrain bread and orange juice. The most notable from those days was “Meg’s Mushroom Fried Rice” which she made for Lux the evening she arrived in Buffalo, NY a few days after her. Megs was enthusiastic to impart her knowledge of cooking to Lux – from cooking basics of making a cup of coffee to cooking rice. And because the lessons came from her peer, cooking seemed fun and interesting.

Soon they realized that it is important to bring in variety in what they cook and pack for lunch every day, lest it will get boring. And after the first stressful days of school and a lot of quick but boring dal-chawal, salami and white bread, they decided to experiment.

Calling home was expensive back then, lot of emails were exchanged back and forth. They turned out to be invaluable resource and repository of memories, almost like a diary, when writing the memoirs in Roomies Foodies.

megs & Lux

Megs had quite expected to cook, she even carried a lot of staple kitchen equipment and dry food items to help her get started. She had listed all of that in the equipment glossary and sample grocery lists, split by stuff to carry from India and guidelines on what to buy, where, how to save money and recycle in her new life. Lux didn’t realize that she will have to cook as a student in the U.S. At that time she was living in student hostels in India, where getting food was never an issue. In fact they were not allowed to cook on their own and had to eat food provided by the hostels. But after talking to Meg over the phone before her trip to the U.S, she understood that they wouldn’t be staying in hostels in the U.S, rather, in rented apartments and hence will have to cook to eat. And secretly, she did hope to get a roomie who knew how to cook and thought I she would rather learn to cook than do the dishes every day !

We hope the foodies grab a copy of this book & enjoy trying out various fun & interesting recipes from the book. There is also a mobile application available for this book.

Author: Meghna Joshi & Lakshmi Ramachandran
Publisher: Bloody Good Books
Release: January 2016
Genre: Non Fiction / Food
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