Who doesn’t like to be rewarded at the end of the day? Even if that means a cup of coffee or a chilled glass of melon juice or just one more book of your choice ? Sure you read a book because you want to & perhaps because of your curiosity or interest. And the reviews you do are still going to be your opinion, your assessment of the book ,100 % original & honest.

But over the past few years, we have realised that reviewing a book is also an effort worth considering. We feel that we must remunerate all our members whoever is making an effort to read & review a completely new book, often by a new and unknown author.

How we think this can work?

  • Once you apply for any of the books from the on going Review Program, we do a quality check of all the submissions received. Selection criteria : Overall following, frequency of posting & previous posts on books.
  • All the selected bloggers can earn points but only if they submit review links within 2 weeks time from receiving the book.
  • The following are the minimum points that will be accumulated. 
    • 100 points for posting a 300+ words review on your Blog
    • 50 points for a review on e commerce site – like Flipkart or Amazon
    • 50 points for review on Goodreads & Social media mention (Tagging us,author & publisher if possible)
  • Each point is equated to a value for the gift voucher.
  • For books that are heavy read and requires intense reading & comprehension in order to write a good review, we will assign higher value to the points you accumulate, say 2X , 3X reward points.
  • For popular blogger with over 500 daily page views, the reward points are negotiable to the rates of their sponsored posts.
  • Vouchers will be paid out at the end of every two months.