Just like writing in an art, finding the right kind of book that suits your taste & then writing a review or ‘critical appreciation’ for the book is also an art. So do read a little about the book – synopsis & about the author before you apply for it.

This article has 7 quick tips for book reviews that might help you & guide you further, in addition to these very few & basic Dos & Donts.

  1. Don’t be a spoilsport – A book is a book. It is either good for you or  for somebody else ! So, avoid writing off a book completely, criticize only with some logic and not just for the sake of it. Abstain from derogatory remarks and slangs and please don’t give away the plot (spoilers).
  2. While we will keep reminding you about the books that are available for review, you will have to apply for them individually, using the sign up forms.
  3.  We generally ask for 3 review links from each blogger  – The Blog, Amazon/Flipkart & Goodreads.
  4.  Genuine recommendation & shares on social media are at the reader’s discretion.
  5. If you really really disliked the book, which is possible at times, we request that you keep the review restricted to your blog only & don’t leave a review on any e commerce websites as it may directly effect the sales of the book. We don’t want authors to get demotivated, not because the review programs are paid marketing initiatives, but because we genuinely support all kind of creative pursuits and writing a book is definitely one.
  6. The main blog review must be over 300 words (Excluding blurb and About Author, if at all you want to include them in the review).
  7. We expect the reviews to come in within 14 days of receiving the book.