Retrospect — By Sinjini Sengupta

It’s blooming love, as they say, in this season of spring all around. Sinjini Sengupta pens a heart-wrenching poem on our writing prompt #RomanticRendezvous on ‘Unreturned Love.’ 


Never would return to my life

Unheard steps, creepy toes,

Never would, moments of togetherness

Red-blush, of this dried-up rose.


Cozy moments in despair

Green, dew-soaked grasses

Were they dew, or tears?

A bee of memory buzzes.


Even you would not,

You would not come back.

But a long-lost crazy letter

Stole from the old book-rack.


Time flowed on, left place for new,

Clutching the past, stood I


Awaiting you.


A lake of memory

Lotuses, ripples, words unspoken –

Their stealthy whispers drown me

They bathe my heart – Oh, ’tis broken!


Waves juggle, spark the surfs

Midnight pillow reminds me of you

Reminds me – of crystal moon-rays that shone

In the dreamland, we together sew.


A small hut in an island

‘Round, brown and green farms,

Wild cliffs to beckon us from far

Love would clasp both our arms.


With care we sealed

The doors, the windows,

With caution – fences did we bar.

And then looked back, in pride and hope

Saw –

Love left and went afar.


The battered, bruised heart still throbs

Loves, pains, dreams,

Wants to hold back, once more.

Solitude plays with dry autumn leaves


Are they threads of a dream that tore?


The passing hours ask me

And the world around,

To try, to cope.


In this faded letter, I fathom an urge

An urge  – Still to hope.



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