Rendezvous In The Rain — By Anusha D’Souza

A first meeting , a rendezvous & rain makes it all the more special. Read our next selection by Anusha D’Souza for #Raindropsonpaper.
“Oh God! Can this rain get any more annoying?” Akira asked no one in particular, running towards a shady bus stop, caught unaware in a heavy downpour.
Her emotions were justified. Every day these past two weeks, she had carried her polka dotted red umbrella, as faithfully as her devout neighbor Mrs D’Costa carried her prayerbook to Church and the result of it, an absolute dry spell. Not a drop of water fell from the great water tank above.
Today, she decided to leave that extra half kilogram of weight which was her pretty red umbrella at home, while, the water tank decided that it was time to let go, of all the stored water and Akira was bearing the brunt of it.
“Those French were right when they attributed the feminine gender to the rains, La pluie, She is more fickle minded than any woman I know.” Akira continued talking to herself, while staring absent mindedly at the rain. A hearty laughter from behind alerted her to the presence of another person.
She turned around and was surprised at what she saw. A handsome young man , in his mid twenties approximately, dressed in casual black jeans and a sky blue button down T-Shirt, seated with his legs crossed and back slighty hunched : looking as comfortable as anybody can manage, with three centimeters and a half of seating space, a drawing book page open on his lap, paintbrush in one hand, a painting halfway in progress, beside him a leather satchel and a Camel water -color box open.
“I’m glad at least someone can laugh in this miserable weather.” She told the stranger.

“I gather you don’t like the rains a lot.” He said, his voice a deep baritone, his accent sounding vaguely familiar, shifting all the while, the hard metal seat and his posture bound to give him a terrible backache.
“Not really, these grey dreary clouds, make me feel sad and gloomy. How in the world are you so cheerful?” She asked the stranger.
“I’m from London you see, the rains are as much a part of our life as the double decker red buses, the Thames and the royal family. I absolutely love the rains.” He says adding a few brushstrokes to the painting, on his lap.
“Why? What’s so great about it? Chickle and muck everywhere, great puddles of dirty water, white clothes turning an awful shade of brown, no network or connectivity, blackouts and power cuts, people poking you in all possible places with their umbrellas. I, honestly don’t see anything so great about it.”
“The rains have a charm of their own, a certain magic like quality. The way it makes everything clean and new looking : it’s like the earth is infused with a shot of new life, the petrichor smell that arises when the first drops fall on the hot and parched land,  A cloudy, rainy day is the perfect time to curl up with a mug of steaming hot cocoa, some onion rings and a classic novel. It is the best time to put the old radio to use and allow it, to belt out golden melodies. It acts like an equalizer, showering the same amount of water over the rich and the poor.  It’s also the best excuse to ask a perfect stranger out for a coffee. ” He says with a small grin
Akira was startled, she had known this man for less than five minutes, and here he was asking her out. Under normal circumstances she would have never accepted, but  this situation could not be called normal. Then and there she decided, that she will give the rains a chance, see it through the golden eyes of the stranger in front of her.
“Ok. But I can’t have coffee with someone whose name I don’t know. I’m Akira.” She said extending her hand.
“I’m Joshua,” he said  shaking her hand, “ it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
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