Reading Has Made Me What I Am Today (Sahas Mehra)

During my childhood, when I was growing up, I was really fond of reading books. I grew up in a household where attention was primarily devoted to studies and the little free time that I had was spent in devouring books of all kinds. We didn’t have a cable connection for a few years, and these works of literature were my primary source of amusement. Reading has made me what I am today. It opened up my world and enriched my imagination. It helped me to speak fluently and made me a better orator. My oratory skills were liked by many, and I was a regular participant in elocutions and school plays, which in turn helped me gain confidence. I felt extremely happy when I was a part of these events, and appreciation for every performance gave me immense confidence.

But then life happened, and as I was about to begin my final year of schooling, I had to make a choice that would eventually decide my future. My sole focus was on taking up commerce, doing an MBA, and getting a job in marketing. I never considered that my childhood hobbies could be a part of my professional future.


I took my exams, and although I didn’t get into the course of my choice, I still managed to get into a good college. But for some reason, I wasn’t too pleased with what I was doing. I began to lose interest in it. Also during this period, I was encapsulated by a lot of negativity around me. Slowly, but steadily, I slipped into depression. I felt bruised and battered. And a few months later, I discovered that I had blood cancer.

The past seven years have been anything but smooth for me. But in the last year or so, I feel like I’ve regained a little momentum. After completing my graduation through distance learning, I studied French for a year.

During my illness, I rediscovered my love for stories. When I was at the hospital, I began writing poems. I’d like to develop my writing skills and eventually, publish my works. It gives me great pleasure when my ideas take shape in the form of prose or poetry, and I’d like to share that happiness with others.

In addition to books, I’d like to write screenplays and dialogues for movies. Before I was ill, I used to take everything a tad too seriously. But I discovered that under these layers of sedateness, a person with a penchant for humour did exist. Through my works, I’d like to free people from their worries, if only temporarily.

When my health gets better, I’d like to take up acting again, perform and relive those experiences! I’d like to push the boundaries of my limits and achieve all my goals.

I wish to spread great ideas and radically change people’s thinking and motivate them. And most of all, I want to be extremely awesome at whatever I do!



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