5 Ways To Promote Your Book Without Annoying Your Readers

…And without spending any money. Cool, right?

“It’s your passion, persistence and pluck that will sell your book. And all those are within your control.” — Joel Friedlander

Whenever you ask a reader — ‘What’s that one thing that annoys you about any author?’

‘Talking about their books all the time! Posting the book purchase links all the time!’ would be a common answer.

Because it annoys the readers, you shouldn’t promote your book, right? Wrong! As a writer, it is our responsibility to promote our books. If we won’t do that, who would? But, it is equally important to not irritate your readers because, well, what are you without them?

So, how do you do it?

Rachel Thompson, Book Marketing Consultant says in her book ‘’30 Day Book Marketing Challenge’ — ‘A poorly written book packaged and marketed beautifully is still a poorly written book. Readers are discriminating and will crucify you in reviews. If your writing is not at the level, it needs to be. Take your time to make it exceptional.’

I couldn’t agree more! Do not try to promote your book all the time. Promote yourself — the author. Promote your writing. Polish your writing. Yes, you still need to polish your writing even if you have published a novel. The strongest testimony of your writing skill is your own writing. It’s your biggest promoter!

Share your published works

If you are a writer, I am sure you write other things too, apart from your novels, like short stories, magazine articles or articles on some web portal etc. So write; write good pieces. Publish. And share. Try to write something that relates to your book. For example, write short stories/micro fiction for it would give your readers a fair idea about your writing skill. Or churn some topics out of your book and write articles on them. You can publish your well written works on some wonderful platform like Readomania, Juggernaut writing platform or Women’s Web.

Maintain a Blog

If you are a writer, I’m sure you have a blog. No, not just website — a blog where you write regularly. If you are a novelist, consider your blog posts your writing samples. Blog regularly. You may write ‘On Writing/Your writing Journey posts. New, aspiring writers would find them helpful, and return to your blog again. Make sure you do not keep talking about your book in every blog post just because it’s your blog. Read other blogs, comment and share. But, do not write generic comments just to get a blog visit. Writing guest posts is also a good idea.

Share your honest opinion without any hesitation

Inhibitions inhibit your success. So, share your opinions freely on Twitter or Facebook. Talk about current social/national issues. However, do make sure you understand the matter clearly or you have read the articles carefully before you express your opinion. It will expand your connectivity. Don’t do it because everyone is talking about it.

Talk About Your Book, but Differently

Of course, you need to talk about your book. Sharing ‘Buy my book’ links is not a very good idea. Even if you share the purchase link of your book, do it differently. Use posters. Visuals attract. And you can do it yourself, for free! Pick ‘free (from copyright issue)’ images from Canva or Unsplash and create posters. Include your book cover and some nice quotations from your book. Share the reviews or anything that’s related to your story. Make sure you don’t do it ten times a day. It’s really annoying.

Interact With Your Readers

Twitter is Effective Do not just talk. Listen. Interact with fellow writers you follow because not interacting is equivalent to not following. Interact with your readers. Always reply. Don’t behave like a chief guest — that you come, tweet and go. No! Participate in chats. Talk about books you read. Write mini reviews and tag the authors. If you want value, you need to value others. If you want encouragement, you need to encourage others. It is as simple as that. Make sure whatever you say, you mean it. Be genuine, not desperate.

And, remember one thing — promotion is supposed to enhance the book sale. If your promotional strategies do not translate into sale, they are not effective and you seriously need to think some other ways.


Tarang Sinha is a freelance writer & author of 'We Will Meet Again'. Her works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, New Woman, Woman's Era, Alive, and a best-selling anthology @ Uff Ye Emotions 2.

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