God Doesn’t Interfere In Our Lives: Rajiv Grover

‘Whatever happens, we either blame God for it, or pray to Him. But, the truth is that God doesn’t interfere at all in our lives. Whatever happens is because of our own actions.’

—Rajiv Grover, Author of God Won’t Help

Rajiv Grover is an alumnus of DU’s Faculty of Management Studies and works as a management consultant. God Won’t Help is his debut book that speaks about karma and spirituality.

Inspiration Behind ‘God Won’t Help’

‘God Won’t Help’ — the title sounds intriguing and it reminded me of something.

‘God knows what he’s doing.’ I read this somewhere. Don’t remember who said this, but it made me think. Considering all the mishaps, especially where innocent people/children are involved, it sounds more unfortunate that God actually knows what he’s doing!

Well, it’s my thought.

Mr. Rajiv Grover, as a kid, was fascinated by all things spiritual, the mysteries of the universe, life after death. He has explored and read a lot of spiritual and religious scriptures. However, what actually prompted him to write this book was an unfortunate incident.

‘My friend lost his 14 year-old daughter and he, understandably, slipped into depression. When we face problems in life, we become so dependent that we forget to give a chance to the fighting spirit inside us.’ He recalls.

‘I helped my friend to get out depression.  Then I realized that if I could help him, why can’t I help others?  So, this was the trigger to write a book!’ he says.  ‘Upanishads and other religious books and scriptures are not easy to read or understand, so I wanted to share my learnings in a simple language, through my book.’ He adds.

On Finding Time

Mr. Rajiv Grover is not a full time writer, but writing demands time. So, how does he manage his time?

‘I think if something is important to you, you will always find time for that,’ he says. ‘This book was very important to me. It was not just a desire to become a published author but I wanted to help others through my writing, to make a difference in their lives. And this thought acted as a great motivation to complete my book.’

Real Life Situations, Fictional Characters

The inspiration behind ‘God Won’t Help’ is a real life, unfortunate incident. But what about the characters? Are they real too?

‘My book has several messages, anecdotes and analogies. Honestly, they are derived from my learnings of scriptures and practical life experiences,’ he admits. ‘But the characters are fictitious. However, they are inspired by some people I have met in real life,’ he says.

Words Of Wisdom For Aspiring Writers

If you are an aspiring writer, I’m sure you keep looking for writing advice. So here are some words of wisdom from Mr. Rajiv.

‘I have a strong belief in the content of the book. I am already getting raving reviews and thank you mails from the readers. So yes, I’d suggest you to focus on the content. Forget about the sales part. If the content is good, the work will be appreciated and eventually the book will do well.’ He suggests. He also offers his ideas for self promotion, which is really important. ‘Initially if you have to coax people to read your book, do it! If your story/writing is good, if the readers like it, they will become your biggest publicity agents!’

Author(s): Rajiv Grover
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: June 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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