Raindrops on Her Face – By Shivani Shourie

Raindrops on her face make her look more beautiful than she is. Read a romantic rendezvous by Dr. Shivani Shourie for our prompt #RaindropsOnPaper. 

He sat with a cup of tea in his hand and a magazine in the other. At the stage he was, he felt that every new day he got to live was a blessing. Not that he had any fear of death, he had seen it closely enough; he just enjoyed life. It was raining outside and from his rocking chair in the porch, he had a breathtaking view of the picturesque garden ahead. He still vividly remembered how he and his wife had bought the house and then turned it into a home together, forty years ago.

The rain turned to a frayed and raveling mist and the wind brought it inside. He closed his eyes and smiled. When he opened them, he saw a drop of rain glistening on his wife’s cheek. He extended his hand to wipe it but then just let it be. There was a serene calmness on her face and the raindrop just added to the beauty of the angelic features. He had fallen for her half a century back in time and still could not think of anyone more beautiful.
She had made him the man he was and everything he had been able to achieve was due to her silent support. He had attained great heights in his professional life and she never complained of his increasing unavailability for the family. She had immersed herself in the household and the two children they bore. It was only when the children left, that she had started feeling lonely and expressed her feelings. He promised to reduce the time away from home, but added ‘from next month’ every time he did. She eventually stopped asking him of anything. A wave of guilt rose in him and he felt a lump in his throat. He looked back at his wife’s face.
The angel had aged but still looked younger than him. He looked closely, straining his eyes and realized that he had been too busy to notice the lines of worry and sorrow on her face.
Had she forgiven him? Did she still hold a grudge? Had he been the husband she wanted him to be?
He wanted to hold her and ask. He wanted to apologize. He wanted to tell her he would not go anywhere but it was too late for an apology now.

The wind had picked up and was bringing in a more than pleasant shower of rain. With remorse in his heart and a tear in his eye, he reached across and picked up the photograph of his late wife to go inside.

Shivani Shourie is a doctor, an administrator, an Army wife, a dreamer and a writer – a juggler who refuses to choose one! Connect to her at Blog and Twitter
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