Her Favourite Pupil – Purba Charkaborty


A teacher doesn’t lose faith in a student & the student restores that faith after 15 long years!

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“I saw him for the first time when I was appointed class teacher of standard fifth in St. James’ School. He looked normal like all of us, but there was something gracefully different in him. As I reached his bench after interrogating all the other students in a clockwise manner, he looked at me with a smile that reached his eyes. They exuded innocence and joy. I had a fond liking towards him in an instant. On inquiring his name, he stood up at once.

‘A..A..lok M..m..iss.’ As he pronounced his name with sheer difficulty, all his classmates laughed incessantly.”

‘Gomes Miss is my Godmother and the driving force of my success. We all need a force to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  The force in my life was my teacher. Please applaud for this godly lady of my life.’ Mr Alok Ray concluded.

As Alok sang the first song of his album, the audience cheered and Mrs Gomes wondered how time passed rapidly. She gazed at her favourite pupil, overwhelmed by a sense of pride, adoration, and delight. She felt proud to be known as Alok’s teacher and fairy Godmother. She felt blessed to be a teacher in her lifetime.

About the author:

A novelist, poet, web content developer and a lifestyle blogger. She has authored two novels ‘Walking in the streets of love and destiny’ (2012), ‘The Hidden Letters’ (2014) and a poetry book ‘The Heart Listens to No One’ (2016). Her short stories and poems have been published in several anthologies and magazines. Check out her Blog

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