Psychopathic Love Story – By Paul Roshan

Some incidents in life are memorable and some are miserable. One such miserable incident in my life turned out to be a memorable life saving solution. But how did this happen? Well it started like this –

I’m Rohit, I’m an ASA (Anti suicide associate) and to give a clear picture on what my job – if you search the web: ‘How to commit suicide’ – there will be a phone number popping up in the top suggestion with a note : Give your life a last chance! I handle those calls, I’m a counsellor in the anti suicide committee. Just like any other Monday, I was rotating on my chair in my personal cabin biting my pen, staring at the survey report of monthly suicide on my desktop at 9.30 in the morning.

The top most reason for suicide is failure in love, followed by educational pressure

I smirked with a thought that these two are born competitors. My phone vibrated by a series of whatsapp texts…..‘just the useless group messages,’ I grumbled as I scrolled the notification bar, but the message was from an unknown number. The tag line that got my attention was, “I laughed, smirked, cursed when I heard about people committing suicide for love failure, but I never knew that I’ll be one of them.” That line, it started bothering me, like I’ve seen so many movies, read many books but I didn’t come across that line before.

Naturally, my face had a serious expression. I clicked the notification and my phone froze, it got hanged. I started worrying whether this was some kind of cyber virus but within seconds it was fine, I sighed. I started reading the first giant message. There were 14 long Whatsapp messages, that’s when I came to know you can’t send more than 54,432 characters in a single Whatsapp message. The message was so long that it occupied the next 200 pages of this book.

The one thing that drove me to read it entirely in one sitting is that, it was entirely entertaining when I read it. After reading the full story I decided that this story has to reach so many people because this is the need of the hour. It’s about mourning of a guy who lost his love and decided death to be the ultimate solution.

If it is a normal love story that failed, I would have just skipped it because I see it every day but this one – I’ve not even heard of something like this. It took me 5 hours to read the whole message and after reading I decided to publish this story because I don’t want anybody else to suffer like Rohan and also to uncover the truth behind this real life psychopathic love story.

This book is specially for Lovers, going to be lovers, married lovers, broke up lovers, friends to lovers, and all categories of love.

Do read this novel to reveal this Psychopathic Love Story.

About the author:

Roshan is from Chennai, he completed mechanical engineering and got selected for a job in campus interview. He was so proud that he got selected in campus interview until he came to know that the job was that of a call center associate. Working in a BPO  does pay his bills but kills his hunger to write. So, he just wanted to pour out his ideas and thoughts to action. That is how his first novel Psychopathic Love Story came to life.

Roshan is looking forward to feedback & reviews. We have 5 copies of this book , available for review. Do sign up using this form & give his story a chance to get heard.


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