The Princess of a Whorehouse – By Mayank Sharma

Without the freedom of choice, I am like a bird in a golden cage – The Princess of a Whorehouse

Although I was little perturbed with the title of the book, it is fast, easy to read, crisp and the author entertains you with the climax and does not leave the story open ended.

The story will reaffirm your faith in humanity. It will reinstate your belief that people who have compassion and care for others still exist. Though this fact is murdered every day, rather every minute when we are going through the daily news, the story does bring in the feel-good factor.

Aparajita, the lead character of the story has a past that she cannot wipe out. Her childhood was marred with tragedies and she would have faced an equally disastrous teen life had she not acted with her wits and she would have spent her entire life in the narrow bylanes of prostitution. I liked the way she did not lose hope and took a chance to try her luck.

Opportunities come to those who move their asses. Nothing is free or easy in this world. Even if tragedies have crashed in your lap as boulders, unless you try to move them, others will think that you are happy in that state. Aparajita would have also landed in the same pit if mother-daughter had not taken steps to find a way out of that hell. When Aparajita finished her education, a marriage proposal from a good family was waiting for her so that she can ‘settle’ in life. But she chose not to repeat the history. There is no age to fulfill your dreams but yes life is rosy if we realize early where our heart lies.

The girl took a stand for her mother and did not hide the facts about her past. It speaks volumes about her character. She wanted to live a normal life but with the truth. Aparajita understood society will not accept that her mother did not accept this by her choice it was forced upon her. The word prostitution is a taboo in the society but yet she was adamant that her mother does not hide this fact.

When you will read about the character Raj, you will be bowled over by his simplicity and clarity of mind. He made situations so simple for Ramya and her daughter. They both might have welcomed him as a warrior to rescue them!

I appreciate the way the author emphasized on getting educated and being self-dependent. I am a strong proponent that everyone should learn how to earn. It is a social message presented in a simple tone.

It is a short sweet story which has moral takeaways. Recommended read for everyone.

In the end, I would just say “God helps those who help themselves.”


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