Dr. Prashant Jindal Has Recognised The Privilege and Importance of Fatherhood In This Book

Fatherhood is as precious as motherhood, but often, mothers are recognised for their sacrifice while what fathers do tend to be conveniently ignored. This might be the reason when we check for parenthood related books, most of them are for mothers. Is it a new generation thing or was it like that always? However it is, Dr. Prashant Jindal has recognised the privilege and importance of fatherhood and has dedicated a whole book to the fathers.

Fathers are not just money-making machines

Unlike the general notion, fathers are not just money-making machines. They are also human beings in flesh and blood and kids expect a lot of love and compassion from their fathers. As the author says, your wife might complain about not spending time with family and your kids might not but that doesn’t mean that they don’t realize your absence. By spending quality time with your kids, you can find tremendous change in their personality.

Pointers for a happy fatherhood

A lot of points have been touched in the book from building self worth to helping them with problem solving. The most relevant one in the current scenario is ‘delayed gratification’. Kids rolling on the floor crying is a common sight these days and their parents would finally succumb to the pressure in order to avoid public humiliation. But such a practice not only spoils them as human beings but also makes them vulnerable. The term ‘delayed gratification’ is the most relevant one and a whole chapter on the same is sure to change the mindset of someone who is approaching the book with an open mind.

A diaper changing dad might not be a sight that we are used to seeing, thinking of which we realize that most diaper changing rooms are inside ladies toilet or attached to feeding rooms as if the authorities also have overlooked the fact that dads too change the diaper. The thought process is novel and tends to change the mindset. Incantation or positive affirmations is another surprising point discussed in the book. The author has given a pointer to what all should we include and exclude from incantations.

What could have been better…

Discovering and developing talent and inculcating self worth are the two chapters and two important factors that have been dealt with in the book. While the book prioritises on recognition of our kids, many points are rhetoric and impractical. The busy schedule of the dads could have been considered instead of counting them as mere living beings. The game ideas are unique and having far fetched results but how to find time for the games is something that has been overlooked. Nonetheless the positives of the book have overshadowed the negatives. The do’s and don’ts in the conclusion wraps off this wonderful book with a silver lining.

Overall, the book can be recommended to all fathers and even mothers who want to make the lives of their kids special and make them capable of accomplishing their ambitions.

Author(s): Dr Prashant Jindal
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release: December 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Parenting
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